Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Three Poses

Having a much older brother that you idolize is a good thing. In the case of the four triplets, having Mitchell Slutsky as your older brother is, AWESOME. Mitchell is constantly teaching them all kinds of wrong, and they know it. 

Back when they were too little to even know what Michigan, Ohio State and a rivalry are, Mitchell taught them to like OSU and boo Michigan. They could spell O-H-I-O before they could spell their own names. Mitchell even taught them to say Poop On Michigan, which they repeated at the most inappropriate of times. As a big brother, he could do no wrong. The same is still true today.

In addition to not liking the Michigan Wolverines, Mitchell has taught my children “the three poses.” Until I asked for additional clarification, I did not know what the three poses were, or why he felt the need to constantly reference them.

The three poses are a Comedy Central, South Park phenomenon, based on dialogue for Meme-rs- the side bar photo captions on line. A script quote from the South Park episode states; “When they posed for pictures they should have remembered there are only three approved memes: peace signs [puts his index and middle fingers up], bunny ears [raises his arm while keeping the previous gesture] and fake wiener [bends his left arm and leg]”

In about seventy-five percent of all the photos I saw from Semester at Sea depicted Mitchell and his friends, doing the above mentioned approved three poses.

The three poses posed all over Europe and Northern Africa. Peace sign, bunny ears, fake wiener

around the world!  Peace sign, bunny ears, fake wiener...over and over again.

When Mitchell taught the little ones how to do the now infamous three poses, they memorized the song, and were all too proud to do repeat it until I was insane. 

Monkey see, monkey do, my four Monkeys love Mitchell too.

Now, when I go to take a photo of them for any reason, they immediately break into the three poses. Oh great, now in addition to a collection of historical sites, famous cathedrals and bodies of water, I have photos of the my younger kids doing, peace sign, bunny ears, fake wieners!

It all started with poop on Michigan and I know it does not end with the three poses.

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