Thursday, September 20, 2012

Secret Videos

When it comes to technology and gadgets my children have never taken lessons or classes. Somehow, they educate themselves on how to operate remote controls, computers, i-phones, and all other screened electronics. 

 If I ever need a setting changed on my phone, I ask one of my 6 year olds. Within seconds, I can find the answers to my questions and receive a personal tutorial. How they know this is beyond me. But they do. 

My little tech freaks are interested in all aspects of the i-phone functions. These miniature film makers make random videos too. All too often, I discover a secret video that was recorded without my knowledge or permission. Fortunately, these are innocent clips that offer a glimpse into the minds of a 6 year old. 

This is a video that Natalie recorded for Jeff. It's obvious that she swiped his phone at night, when she was supposed to be in her room sleeping. She has never seen the Blair Witch Project but her style is similar, right? 

Her secret thoughts are now captured and broadcasted on you tube thanks to this blogging Mommie who has no filter for private moments. 

I know that Jeff was touched with her sincere message. While we do not condone the stealing of our electronics without our permission, it is difficult to get pissed off when the message is so flippin sweet. Clearly, her intentions were good, not evil. 

The secret videos are safe with you, me and the world wide web.

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