Monday, September 3, 2012

Natalie's Special Sunday

Since it is a holiday weekend, I crammed as much stuff into our schedule as humanly possible. This meant that the overflow of Sunday got shoved into Monday. I used this extra weekend time to let Natalie have her special day with me. She did not really care if it was Sunday or Monday as long as she got to do something without everyone else.

Much like Eli's recent day, Natalie was grateful to have undivided attention!

We started our morning running some errands to Big Lots and Trader Joe's. Natalie was so excited to look for the hidden Trader Joe treasure without competition from her siblings. In the Dublin location they have P.J., or Polar Joe the dingy, formerly white stuffed polar bear that is hidden and found by the young customers.
Natalie took great pride in finding P.J. and then placing him in the freezer where she felt he belonged, being a Polar Bear you know. OMG, duh. Why would you hide a Polar Bear in the pretzels she bellowed, that is just dumb. He belongs in the cold.

Afterwards, at Natalie's request we went out for Italian food. She wanted gnocchi or something that did not resemble a kids meal. I suggested Piada where we had made to order salads. The chef in Natalie enjoyed selecting the various toppings and ingredients- including grilled salmon.

She decided to add a cup of lobster bisque to complete the meal, and it was supposed to be shared among the two of us. I was lucky to get two spoonfuls before she inhaled the entire carton.

While we sat like two ladies who lunch, we talked about school, the kids, and all things related to the scene. At one point, I noticed Natalie was staring at the bathrooms. I asked if she needed to use the restrooms? She said no, and continued looking in that direction. I finally said, "Natalie why are you looking at the bathrooms?" She very matter of factly said, "Momma,I don't get the signs?" I looked up and explained, "The letter "M" stands for MEN, do you know what "W" stands for?" Without skipping a beat Natalie said, Momma, "W" stands for fashion, that is why I was confused." Oh. My. Gawd. She is totally my child, and all those times I allowed her cut up my monthly issues of W Magazine she was reading them. Here I thought the kindergarten letter search of cut and pasting into the weekly booklets was just mandatory skill building. I never knew she understood that W was for fashion.

I was secretly beaming with the kind of pride that only a personal shopper at Saks would understand and appreciate. That's my girl!

Natalie has no idea just how special a day it was....for me anyway.

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