Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Love Letters to Treasure

It is not often that I receive unsolicited love letters. While my husband is a published author, he is not exactly the kind to write me poetry, mushy love messages and express his deepest feeling to me on paper. Unless of course, I request it and give him hints and suggestions on what to say.

In the past, we were not able to afford lavish gifts at important gift giving milestone celebrations. As a way of honoring our relationship with something meaningful, I deemed that in instead of buying presents we write each other a love letter and exchange them on the holiday. This was a brilliant way for me to get Jeff to pen something other than his usual character drawings, and signed Hallmark cards from his desk drawer. (Yes, he has an inventory of cards perfect for giving to "the wife"- Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, you name it- he has a variety to select from. I know this for a fact because when the Hallmark store in Gahanna went out of business, I bought him a 5 year supply for future use. I am that kind of wife.)

Imagine my surprise when I found a hand written love letter sitting on the keyboard of my computer. This was written by Eli right after our special sushi date a few weekends ago, and I am just now able to form clear sentences without tearing up. It was signed "by Eli Slutsky" in his current version of a script signature.

Since most of you can't read without glasses, and his spelling is that of a six year old, allow me to translate:

"I had a great time. It was fun. Please take me again. I love you. You are the best and you break my heart. I just can't believe you love me so much and I am lucky that I have a mom like you and she is the best and I love you."

Can you believe this? I am serious when I say, it blew me away. This is why I spend time with them individually- without siblings. Obviously I will treasure this forever. It does not get more authentic than this. Suck it Hallmark.

I challenged Jeff to top this for our upcoming anniversary. He might be a best selling author but when it comes to love letters, he could take a lesson from Eli.

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