Sunday, September 23, 2012

It was a Wynn-Win Weekend

It was a Win-Wynn situation. Jeff was booked to deliver a keynote speech in Las Vegas, one day after our 10th wedding anniversary. The client’s program was at the Wynn Resort and I saw this as a chance to tag along, get some R&R, and make a mini vacay out of it. With just a long weekend away, Jeff and I are able to re-connect as a couple. 

 When you live with 4 energetic kids, a Jack Russell Terrier and a 19 year old Au Pair, even the quiet days are not so quiet. Being alone
in a King Suite, on the 55th floor with a view of Saks Fifth Avenue- with a soaking tub, 24 hour room service and daily housekeeping can do wonders for a marriage. I highly suggest it. To quote Ferris Bueller, "It is so choice!" 

 While Jeff was working, I got to spend some quality, retail therapy time with Michele S. We dropped off her four triplets at school, drove out to Primm, Nevada and got a vanilla latte before the stores even opened. I prepared her to hit it hard, and we did. She stocked up on the essential pieces
she needed for her upcoming cruise and I worked my magic on some basics for Fall in Columbus. I think Michele enjoyed having a sassy personal shopper and stylist in the fitting room- it sure beats scrounging around at Savers by yourself. While we were driving back to Las Vegas, Michele facebook updated her friends on her amazing deals and finds. We listened to her i-phone bing-bing-binging with comments for the entire 45 miles back into town. I guess everyone was envious of the $219 Carlisle dress we found for $9. Nothing pleases us more than to entertain our friends and shove photos of our bargains in their face. YES, as a matter of fact, we are that shallow and petty. Perhaps that is why we are friends who can see each other once a year, and pick up right where we left off. Bada boom, bada bing, BABY! 

 The rest of my stay in Las Vegas was just as fun. Jeff and I hung out with Uncle Silvan who was in town on an all boys’ weekend. I rather enjoyed being the only woman among 7 wild and crazy guys
when we celebrated Silvan’s birthday and our anniversary at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion restaurant. Their Aloha happy hour menu is a must do in Las Vegas by the way. Nothing says Aloha like $5 cocktails and appetizers. 

 We moved from the bar to a table and had a lovely dinner completed by
custom decorated desserts, before we saw Carlos Santana at the House of Blues. I will just say that at age 65 the guy can ROCK.
He played for more than 2 hours and it was absolutely electrifying. Sixty Five is the new forty if you are a rock and roll legend. 

 I probably should clarify a few things. Jeff gets me. He understands that when I say I need to go across the street to Fashion Show Mall to "do research," he knows I am simply shopping. Investigative research, is part of MY JOB, I am like a designer fashion scientist or something. My metrosexual husband even accompanied me to Neiman Marcus, where I added a fresh mojito to my chicken stock palette cleanser, popover and strawberry jam aperitif, followed by a delicious crab salad.
Jeff is the beneficiary of the euporhia and high I get from surveying all the various Chanel boutiques. For me, hitting up 4 different Chanel boutiques in one afternoon is like some serious foreplay. 

 It is times like these that I realize how fortunate I am to have a husband that is fun to be with even after ten years of marriage and a lot of insanity. As much as I gripe about his dufus ways, I admit, going to Las Vegas for a blind J-date 10 plus years ago, was the best decision I ever made. Now, I look back at our time together and recall nothing but the fondest memories. 

 It was a Wynn-Win weekend all the way around.


Kirsty S said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! Loving the family resemblance you can see in the pic of those wild and crazy guys. Wait, that might just be Jeff's shirt. :D

asrubin10 said...

those wouldn't be fit flops would they?

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