Saturday, September 15, 2012

I have friends in ALL PLACES

Garth Brooks might prefer his friends in low places, but I prefer to have friends in all places. High, Low, Republican, Democrat, Jewish, Catholic and everything in between… I like to know that all my bases are covered in a crisis.

One of the most satisfying parts of my job is working with a variety clients of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. Obviously, this keeps me on my toes, makes it more interesting and presents a challenge. If everyone had the same taste, and wore the same size, we’d be in trouble.

Lately, I have been living vicariously through some of my client friends. While I help them find the perfect look for an event, or style them for a presentation or photo shoot, it is like I am there with them. When I see them posting photos on facebook, I see the clothes and accessories in action, and that makes me smile.

Last week, I was facebook tagged in pictures from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. My client was pleased to debut her gorgeous white and black knit Pink Tartan sweater as she waited to hear Michelle Obama address the nation. There was a little piece of me, tucked into the fibers of that jacket, and Suzanne made sure I saw how close she was to the stage.

When Suzanne was featured on C-span, PBS and NBC she was styled by moi. How cool is that? I thought C-Span should have scrolled the details at the bottom of the screen, but I suppose there were other, more relative topics that night.

This week, I am going to Italy with another client who had me select her entire travel wardrobe for the trip. As a mom of three kids, it had been years since she bought anything for herself. I felt good knowing that she purchased simple, easy to wear pieces that would serve her well as she toured Milan, Tuscany and Rome with her family. She even told me that her sister was going to be so proud of the way she looked, and I could relate to that. I made it crystal clear that a wee part of me would be with her on the trip, just in spirit and style-- so if she ran into George Clooney in Lake Como, she needed to kiss him for me. She owed it to me.

I am pleased to report that while Jeff and I are not officially members of a local synagogue, my presence will be felt at all Rosh Hashana services in Columbus. My Jewish clientele will be dressed in the latest Helene approved clothing, and I can ring in the Jewish New Year knowing that a part of me attended services all over town. That is my story anyway-no need to go and see who is there and what they are wearing- I already know.

As a personal shopper and stylist it is important for me to network with all people- my friends, neighbors, doctors, lawyers, and family are all potential clients. Everyone needs clothing and accessories. It’s a fact that once I work with people in a fitting room, once I help them step out of their comfort zone, and once they see their image change for the better, we become friends. It is my job to have friends in all places.

Garth Brooks can keep the ones in low places- I get everyone else!

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