Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Five Year Old Honesty

If there is one thing I admire about my 5 year old daughter, Charlotte, it is her completely candid comments. This girl does not sugar coat anything, and she does not possess a filter for her thoughts. She calls it as she sees it, and she sees it for what it really is.  
I marvel at her positive spin on her vision. She never sees the negative and instead, verbalizes whatever aspect she perceives as good. I know she gets that from her mother. Wink Wink.   That being said, I respect Charlotte’s own, personal views on fashion appropriateness. She believes more is more, and too much is never enough when it comes to pink, sequins, twirly tutu skirtings and anything sparkly. She is five so that works for her. She has truly developed her own sense of style, and I admire that.  
When Miss Charlotte sees me getting ready for work in the morning, she tells me how I look. She makes her opinion known by verbalizing her thoughts on my outfits and accessories. Charlotte chooses her words wisely and never lies to me. If she does not like something, she says so. I can depend on her for the truth, even if it is not what I want to hear.  
This past summer as I was getting ready to head off to the store, Charlotte stopped and gave me the morning once over. She nodded several times as if she was taking it all in- then she cocked her head to the side and said, “Mommie, are you going to your office now?” I said, yes, I am.
Without skipping a beat, she softly said, “Well, you look like you work on the highway!” It was at that exact moment when I realized, my orange knit top, white linen pants, orange Hermes leather belt, and rope wedge sandals might be a bit out of my typical all black comfort zone. I thought I looked all summery and festive and my daughter thought I belonged to a construction crew on the freeway.

The kids often come up on the weekends and we have lunch together. Because taking four, loud, and excitable kids into Saks Fifth Avenue is a bit overwhelming to the quiet, serene atmosphere, I often divide everyone up and bring them into my office one at a time. This gives them each some solo Mommie time, and it helps keep the chaos to a minimum. Charlotte loves looking at all the above mentioned pink, sparkly, frilly, froo froo items.

On her most recent visit to the store, Charlotte walked through cosmetics and stopped dead in her tracks. In her most shrill, squealing voice she shouted, “MOMMIE LOOK! MOMMIE LOOK, (pointing) THERE IS A CHANEL MUSEUM HERE!” Everyone in the vicinity heard her, and they were all cracking up. In all honesty, the Chanel Boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue
looks like a museum. The handbags are all on display- you look but do not touch. It is a fancy but sterile viewing of the highly collected Chanel merchandise. It is a Chanel museum. The kid nailed it. It is the truth.

This morning, Charlotte was at it again. I put on a new brown tweed Carlisle skirt (from my trip to Primm) with a great brown knit sweater and coordinating wool tweed Fendi pumps.
As I looked in the full length mirror, I thought that perhaps I needed to shorten my hemline. My skirt was a tad longer than I typically like, but it was not a deal breaker to me. It was not a deal breaker until my five year old fashion police officer said, “Mommie, that looks like a Jewish skirt!” This implied that my skirt appeared to be long and frum, covering me below the knee, like the Orthodox women at her school. While there is nothing wrong with dressing modestly, it was not the look I was going for. At all.

Sometimes, even a professional stylist needs a little reality check. Just when I think I am looking my best, leave it to my Charlotte to knock me off of my pedestal. This is my everyday life, with a five year old diva.

I can’t predict the future, but I know I am so screwed. This five year old honesty is brutal.

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