Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day Labor Fun

Okay, Okay, so the title and play on words is not my most politically correct posting, but as you continue to read, you will see that my intentions are good. Good enough for my blog anyhow. Yo Hablo Espanol, duh.

This weekend is officially Labor Day weekend when we honor those who work hard every day to make this a better country. It also happens to be Edgar's birthday, so we ended up combining our celebrations. In order to understand the extreme sarcasm here, you must first understand that for both Argenida and Edgar, Spanish is their first language.

In English we say Labor Day. In Spanish it would be called Day of Labor. Not to be confused with day laborers who are typically immigrants looking for odd jobs to make money. The fact that Edgar is from Mexico, and that Argenida said, "Helene, let's go eat to El Vaquero to make a party for Edgar and the Day Labor Weekend" is purely coincidental. She had no idea that the adjective placement was funny. At least that is my story.

We did go to El Vaquero,
the local Mexican restaurant as a big, loud, multi-cultural family of 12. I decided that the frozen margarita looked like a nice choice as a meal when combined with 2,433 chips dipped in salsa.
Enrique the bartender sent Edgar a beverage that was aptly named, Enrique Especial, which I admit, looked pretty damn special. Aye Papi!

As we waited for our food to arrive, Natalie was practicing her first grade reading skills. She studied the Happy Hour menu card

and seemed very engrossed in the list. She looked up from her menu, and loudly asked, "What is a domestic draft?" I think everyone within earshot of our table was cracking up. As a parent, I was pleased to see her sounding out words, reading, and since she did not know what domestic draft meant, she asked for clarification. I wonder if the happy hour menu at El Vaquero counts as her 15 minutes of free reading for first grade?

There was the birthday flan, singing in two languages and a photo opportunity

with Gahanna, Ohio's largest sombreros. What can I say, the Slutskys know how to have a great time, on Labor Day and everyday.

Happy Birthday, Happy Labor Day and Enjoy the Day Labor weekend, mi amigos!


Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

What crash diet is Jeff on? The difference in the Mexican Restaurant photo and the one from his book tour is CRAZY!!!!! Tell him he looks great!

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

Nothing, it's a long story. I'll blog about his new svelte bod once he reaches his goal weight. By then he will weigh less than me which will totally suck. For me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Can you tell me what was GF there? Thanks!

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