Monday, September 24, 2012

Classic Statements

While Jeff and I were celebrating our ten year anniversary together in Las Vegas, my children were with Argenida and Edgar at the 2012 New Albany Classic. They spent the entire day enjoying the crisp fall air, spinning on moving rides, seeing the equestrian show, and sampling all kinds of foods. 

Periodically throughout the day, Argenida texted me photos. She wanted me to know that the kids were so terribly upset, sad, and bored. They were "forced" to attend this amazing day of family fun.
Insert dramatic and sarcastic eye roll here. As if they were missing us- yeah right, these photos look like they were tramatized that we left for the weekend, I know, I know! 

The Tween Brands concert this year featured boy band, Hot Chelle Rae.
The crowd of screaming tween girls was bigger than ever, and my kids wanted to ride on the carnival rides during their rock band performance. According to Argenida, they saw this as an opportunity to by pass long waiting lines since everyone was over at the stage show. Charlotte told Argenida, "Why do we have to stand in the crowd of yelling girls? Can't we still hear the band from the big speakers? Let's just ride on stuff and listen to them singing while we are on the ferris wheel, cause we can see them if we are high up!" Spoken like a classic five year old. You can't argue with that statement. 

 This is Natalie on a date at the New Albany classic car show. This precious photo
was taken in front of her dream car, she liked it because it had television screens built in to the head rests. It is a Rolls Royce. Enough said. Her date was Eric Edgar's little nephew who has a wicked crush and vice versa. He posed with his arm around her as if he was making the moves. Clearly, Natalie was digging it, otherwise, she would have hauled off and cold cocked him one, like she does her brothers when they are in her space. 

When we got back, we looked through the photos and Eli reported that Natalie has a Latin boyfriend. CJ pipes up, "Ummmm....he's not Latin, he is from Mexico and that means he's Mexican. If he were from Latinland he'd be Latin." 

When it comes to classics, my children are full of them.

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