Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Charlotte Slutsky's Once Upon a Time

I guess you could say she comes by it honestly. Charlotte is an amazing and gifted storyteller. She always makes up fantasy scenarios, silly stories and lately, her (once upon a time) tales are becoming more and more interactive.

When I state that this child is bossy, I mean it in a positive way. She directs others because she has learned that trait from her three slightly older and more experienced siblings. Being the fourth triplet makes you a strong willed ambassador for being heard. It is always a competition.

All her life Charlotte has followed the direction of the kids, her teachers and her parents- so it is only fair that when she is the center of attention and in charge, she expects full audience participation- complete with hand gestures, sighs and attitude.

Here is an example of both the imaginative story telling and bossiness all rolled into one You Tube video.

It should be noted that the little 4x6 photo album is from Amanda’s first year. Clearly, Charlotte is not really reading anything- she is simply going through the motions, using the album as a prop. Her page turning is simply for effect.

The documentation of Charlotte’s ability to engage and audience has been brought to you by Jeff Slutsky productions, all rights reserved, copyright 2012. Pretty soon Jeff is going to coach her on how to give keynotes and break out sessions.

I said she comes by it honestly. She is a speaker all right.

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