Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Workshop Marriage

Jeff and I have a rock solid relationship. Our ten year wedding anniversary is coming right up next month. Ten Years… good lord, has he really put up with my antics for that long? Sheeesh!

Regardless of how many times I tell the stories of all the crazy crap he has pulled, the milestone events he has screwed up, or the dufus-like stunts he has done, one thing is certain; and that is, our marriage is solid. That much is clear.

I work with some young women who are just now dating, engaged to be married or are going through relationship changes, like divorce. Apparently, I speak (sarcastically) highly of my husband behind his back and it is evident that I actually like him because, I am often asked what we do to keep the spark alive. Like we have some secret or something, ohhh please? Bragging about being married to a man that provides live-in comedic material is special let me tell you.

Thanks to the magic of facebook wall posts, I was given this image about workshop marriages.I had never given it much thought, but I am leaning toward boasting about our successful workshop marriage.

If it is not broken, don’t fix it, right? But wait a sec.... I am now working full time. I guess we have a working workshop marriage. It is my own creation where we both work and I shop.

The workshop marriage- ten years and going strong!

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