Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Bento Box Boy

I am still trying to carve out solo time with each child. This is something special. It is a well deserved break from being part of a pack, and let me tell you, taking one child out to lunch and to do an activity is a pleasure. One kid....humpf, piece of delicious cake!

Eli had his turn on Sunday. He wanted to go out to lunch at Mr. Sushi but sadly, Mr. Sushi is closed on Sundays. Eli trusted my restaurant recommendation and we ended up at Asian Gourmet instead. As soon as Eli saw the sign that said, “Bento Box Brunch” he sounded it all out, looked very closely at the photos and said, “Mommie, I want that!”

So we ordered egg drop soup as the appetizer
and the meal arrived just as the soup bowl was bone dry. As you can see from the shit eating grin on his face, Eli was totally digging the bento box brunch

- as advertised. He declared that this was the best brunch he ever had.

Our conversation was so grown up. This kid chats about current events, shares his feelings and opinions and it is like a having a discussion with an adult. At one point he even mentioned that he truly enjoying our special day because no one was interrupting him and he could finish his sentences by himself. If you have a brother and sister the same age, they have a tendency to finish your sentences for you. I am sure it is annoying.

I showed Eli a photo of a friend’s new triplet babies.I went onto explain that these babies live in Kansas City and that the photo was taken by our friend, Jennifer Mullinax. When I said that Jennifer had taken our family photos for years, Eli nodded and smiled. He very seriously looked at me and said, “Ahhh yes, I remember it like it was yesterday!”

That bento box boy cracks me up.

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