Thursday, August 23, 2012

No B.S. Grassroots Marketing: Ultimate No Holds Barred Take No Prisoners Guide to Growing Sales and Profits of Local Small Businesses

The title of this post is the title of the latest book (co-authored) with Dan Kennedy
and the baby daddy, Jeff Slutsky. While I was not blogging, he was busy signing books, giving tips to those who wanted to boost their local store marketing efforts.

As you may have guessed I went with him to some of the more desirable destinations. Trust me, a two day trip to just about any location has to have redeeming value if I am going to coordinate child care, take time off from my own job, and leave the comfort of my own Pratesi sheets.

I went with Jeff to Dallas. I have friends there, the shopping and restaurants are exceptional and the non stop flight was available at a sale fare. Win win all the way around.

I often forget that I am married to a "famous author." Can you hear me roaring with sarcastic laughter- famous. Insert dramatic eye roll here. I forget it because I live with him, and while he is a brilliant writer and accomplished marketing guru, he is my husband and he drives me batshit crazy on a semi-regular basis. It was not until the Dallas book signing event that I remembered he is "celebrity". Famous. Author. Celebrity. Baby Daddy. Cue more sighing and some hysterical laughter.

Texans love them some Jeff Slutsky.

We had them lining up to get their very own, freshly autographed copy of the book. As I mingled with our friends Dan Kennedy and Larry Winget,we both noticed that Jeff Slutsky had an adoring and dedicated fan. Just look at Jeff's expressions....she is engaging him in conversation, no doubt talking about his brilliant marketing skills

and all he can process is blah blah blah, nice boobs, clinging red dress, high heels, blond hair, blah blah blah. Boobies! I know him all too well. Was I jealous? Uhhhhh, no. I get to sleep with this famous celebrity author (ahhhhhhh, the sarcastic groan)every night. On Pratesi sheets.

Not to be upstaged, Jeff was signing books next to Sidney Biddle Barrows,
who you may recall became famous as the Mayflower Madam. Her current book, "Uncensored Sales Strategies: A Radical New Approach to Selling Your Customers What They Really Want--No Matter What Business You're In" is about, get this: Customer Service. So in one corner we had Jeff Slutsky on marketing and in the other corner, Sidney on customer service. I know there was joke there somehow with Slutsky and a Madam, but I never ironed out the punchline. Dammit.

Now you can understand how I did not have time to manage my full time job, a household of lunatics, a celebrity author husband and MY BLOG. I guess I should have been reading books too. Oh well. This will become the no holds barred, grassroots blog for anyone who can laugh at themselves, and of course, others.

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