Monday, August 20, 2012

My new best friend, Juan Dropoff

It is with great pleasure that I am finally to a place in the parenting gig where all the kids attend the same school during the same hours. For the last five years, I have been shuffling between schools. This year, you would think, I would be sad to say Charlotte is in full day kindergarten. I am not sad because I have a new best friend- the Latin Russian I lovingly call, JUAN DROPOFF.

One drop off. One pick up. One school. All four kids. It is nirvana.

I kept telling myself that someday we would get to One Drop Off- and the more I said it, the more it sounded like a Latin Russian guy, so here we are….five years in the making.

I have four kids in the same school.Three kids in first grade and one in kindergarten. These are my photos to document the day I practically left skid marks out of the parking lot.

I should point out that Charlotte picked out her own first day of kindergarten fashion statement, and forced Natalie to "match her"

The outfit was tutu, floral appliqued, sequined high tops, pink upon pink upon pink, bows and flair. (With a Costco backpack to keep her humble.)

The triplets were so glad to see their friends and show Charlotte how to do everything. They wanted to boss her around and bark orders on how things are done. She would have nothing of it. She had watched them do two years of kindergarten, doing the homework along side them, and going to every show and program. This was nothing new to her.I knew she was thrilled when she saw her favorite author, Eric Carle has a special reading station in her new classroom.

I watched other parents desperately clinging to their precious children for one more hug, one more kiss. I watched grown men cry and women boo hoo hooing in the parking lot. People were making a spectacle of themselves and I wanted to say, “Suck it up, you are wussies, now go to your mini-van and bawl your eyes out like the rest of us- but don’t start that shit here where everyone can see you.”

I went to work singing the praises of my new best friend. G-d love Juan Dropoff, he is amazing.

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