Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My apples are falling a little too close to me

How many times have I heard, "The apple does not fall far from the tree!" Seriously, I am reminded of this on a regular basis, and not just from Nana and Papa.

My kids can often be my mini-me(s).

Sometimes, my little clones say or do something that directly reflects back on me. It is obvious that my ways have rubbed off, my potty mouth has been repeated or worse yet, my opinion has been taken at more than face value. This is a daily struggle.

I do my best to lead by example. I hold the doors for strangers, I say good morning, please and thank you, and most importantly I am kind and smiling when dealing with the general public. Even when they are morons.

As I try to raise open minded, caring and compassionate individuals, it becomes increasingly difficult to curb my enthusiasm, bite my tongue, and censor my foul language. This past summer I was reminded of how much these kids are like sponges.

Yes, these apples are falling a little too close to me- I am a bad tree with otherwise good apples.

During an art project this summer, the kids made multi-page stories using peel and stick stickers of all kinds. They put them in a sequence, drew cartoon bubbles and filled those bubbles with dialogue and banter. This was a great exercise in vocabulary, storytelling, creativity and imagination.

Natalie decorated three girls and dressed them alike. She sort of dis-proved my thinking that the kids were getting sick of matching all the time. Since she labeled the girls as Lillian, Charlotte and Natalieit was obvious that she meant to coordinate them. When I probed a bit further about the outfits, Natalie said, "We like to dress the same, then everyone knows we are freak show!"

Admittedly, I do announce our arrival places- and when the stares, whispers and pointing start I usually boast, "Here we are, anyone interested in buying a ticket to see the freak show needs to line up right here!" It is my sarcastic way of addressing that we have arrived, in color coordinated style. Ughhhh.

Eli used the sticker story project to capture a conversation between some sword wielding pirates. His fight scene featured a treasure with gold coins, a talking parrot, a pirate flag, and of course, shiver me timbers, some pirates. It was not until I looked really close that noticed his captions.

Innocently enough I first saw, "Ra Ra Polly wanna cracker, ra ra!"I beamed with pride just a bit. He used verbiage in complete context for the parrot. Next, my eyes moved down to the handsome pirate that was cleverly battling a war with a sword.
"We all wanna kill that frecin master!" Nice. Very nice language. Violence? Profanity of sorts?

OMG. OMG. I doubt "FRICKING" is a vocabulary word for first grade. Yet alone the real eff word alternative.

Alas, he is his mother's son, and the apple does not fall far from the tree. Fricking Ever.

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