Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gussied up on the Roof

When it comes to getting all gussied up to raise money to end cancer, I am all in. I am all in favor of philanthropy, fundraising, fashion and food, not necessarily in that order. I take any opportunity to combine them into one evening- which is exactly what happened at the event known as Up on the Roof.

As a fundraiser to support The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute,
this party is premier event experience in Columbus. This is not some shindig in a hotel ballroom. This is 1000 people donating money to end cancer by having a marvelous, black tie evening in the poshly decorated second floor of the student union at OSU.

The upper level was completely transformed into a magical and festive party palace complete with an orchestra, floral masterpieces and elaborate tablescapes that would make Martha Stewart pee herself.

My friend and esteemed colleague, Marjorie and I

attended Up on the Roof to show support from the Fifth Avenue Club at Saks Fifth Avenue. I work for a company that gives back to the community through charitable donations and that is so rewarding. I am glad that I can be a small part of the bigger picture.

Margie and I were at the event to represent Saks, and while the evening was a networking opportunity, it never felt like it. Sure, I styled some of the ladies, and sold more than a few dresses, shoes, handbags and lipsticks- but these clients

are my friends. It was social. We were all there for the same reason- to end cancer.

It would not be my blog without some comic relief. This otherwise, proper, high brow event was well attended by a Pippa Middleton wanna be,
and yes, I am jealous-lord knows even with 3 pairs of Spanx on I could not look that svelte in a clingy white satin gown.

I was upset that I left my fashion police ticket book at home, it did not fit inside my teeny tiny little graphite gray Judith Leiber-esque evening bag. I needed to formally issue a citation to Cousin It.There are no words. I am, for once, speechless.

I am totally pleased to report that Up on the Roof 2012 was a huge success. You just can't deny that getting all fancy with your friends isn't a fun way to raise funds to end cancer.

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