Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Steps, in high heels of course!

I am baaaaccckkkkk. I am back from the blog break. I am taking baby steps to get into the blog groove again. Baby steps you see, because in order to find a window of time to update the blog, I have to really use time management skills. It is baby steps, in high heels, not much has changed. 

I miss this little blog of mine. I miss the creative outlet, the commentary dialogue, the place to document the milestones and most importantly, I really miss the day to day digest. I want it back.

In order to justify the time, I am delegating more of the duties that I do not like. Given a choice between writing some witty paragraphs and say, ummmm, cleaning toilets, I choose the blog. I have taken a few more baby steps in making sure that some of my chores belong to someone else now. That helps. 

So we are back in business. I seriously doubt I will be able to get everyone caught up on the life unblogged. Instead, I will just pick up where we left off and call it good. There is too much back to school shopping, coupon clipping, grocery getting and meal preparation to do since school resumes in a week. 

One week. 

Seven days. 

I simply can't wait this year. For the first time in the history of the four triplets, this is the moment of one school drop off, and one school pick up. While some Mommies might be lamenting about their baby going to full day kindergarten, I am just in awe that they are in one building. 

The days are long but the weeks fly by. It is still true round here.

As I kick off my Via Spiga platform wedges and think about it, life is really all about taking those baby steps.


Anonymous said...

OMG --- you're back!!! I've missed reading about the shenanigans.
-Chrissy in Marin

Rachel said...

Holy crap... your back!! Yeah! Who are those kids tho?? damn..they have changed!! I almost did not recognize them... wow!!! It's amazing what a few months will do to a kid(or 4)!~ Looking forward to your hilarious blogging!!!

Sharon said...

So glad you are back. Your blog may be a wonderful way to capture memories for your family but it gives me a smile every time I read it! Glad you are back. Your kids are beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I ever commented before...but I will now...I'm glad you're back. I really enjoyed your blog and I'm glad to hear you're making it a priority again. BTW...the kids look so much older ...they are so cute

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! Really missed reading about your (mis?)adventures and tricks to make life easier. :)

Christy in FL

Edward said...

Welcome back! Missed your musings....was thinking we'd have to make a trip to Saks to find out about the latest gluten free recipes or coupon coups or newly damaged items in your home!

Kirsty S said...

I was already having a pretty good day when I read this (but couldn't comment on my phone) as I was busy admiring my newborn, number three. And then I realised you were back blogging and it made my tired but happy grin just a little bit bigger. Welcome back!

TariC said...

Welcome back! You'v ebeen missed.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. You're so witty. And your kids are cute. :)

Helene Eichenwald Slutsky said...

I'm glad too. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy. And more fun. I'll just keep it real and ignore the dust piling up around my piles. It's all in the name of sanity.

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