Friday, November 25, 2011

What leftover Halloween Candy?

To further illustrate that I am completely certifiable, here is my latest hair brained scheme to use up all of the leftover Halloween candy bars.

I am sick and tired of seeing buckets full of chocolate, fun-sized candies just sitting around. Lest I have a nervous breakdown and stuff my face full of fun sized candy bars, I had to use them or lose them. Know what I mean?

Despite my new and improved schedule, it was time to take action!

I recycled the candy. I went all green. I unwrapped the various chocolate, peanut and caramel themed bars. With so many Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Snickers and 100,000.00 bars at my disposal, I made some delicious gluten free shortbread cookie bars. These turned out amazing, and since I used aluminum foil pans, they transported easily to work, where I could share the delights with my friends.

It is awesome to keep the co-workers guessing. Free time? Who needs sleep?

These tasted like I worked hard. Cue the smoke and mirrors again because these took 10 minutes but tasted like they took much longer.

These shortbread and candy topped cookie bars were simple to create and I felt accomplished killing two birds with one high fat, high sugar stone. I made the cookie bars according to the package directions usingthe Bob's Red Mill Shortbread cookie mix that I scored at Big Lots. I baked them half way through, all pressed into the greased tin foil pans,removed them from the oven, decorated them with the chopped up candy bars, and

continued baking them until they were golden brown along the edges.

After I cooled them in the fridge overnight, I chopped them into jagged pieces and served them on a silver platter.No one could tell they were gluten free, or that they were a means to recycle the candy bars my kids mooched from Aunt Shell's generous neighbors on Halloween.

Talk about a win-win. The kids gobbled up the cookies I made. They had absolutely no idea I had re-gifted their stash of candy bars.

What leftover candy bars? Huh?

Several of my co-workers wanted the recipe and I was quick to whip out my iphone to share the step by step, pre-packaged mixing directions, using candy as a decoration.

Enjoy the cookies, kids- they are freshly baked and ready for the illusion that I am keeping my shit together. Homemade cookies mean life is good. And so it is!


s said...

Yikes! Sorry to be the bad news person....100,000 are not GF. They have malt in the rice crunchies. Other than that...these look yummy! Great idea!

PS Keep your head up...things will get better! I lost my job too and it was hard for a while...but things turned around.

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

Smart gal! I took all the leftover chocolate and chopped it up and dipped iced cupcakes into the mess.. That was *our* baking project for both boys cake auction for boy scouts! Brought in almost $50.00 for 3 dozen! lol... the cupcake mix was FunDaMiddles bought on clearance with coupons at target so each dozen cost me less then 1.50 to make and take ( I did buy the plastic cupcake packaging from my Giant Eagle for easy transport)

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The older crowd
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