Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Political Play TIme

And so the election and political schtick has started. There are all kinds of concerns with the possible candidates for our next President, and every night I catch up on the news while shaking my head in disbelief. The scandals and endless revelations are fodder for Saturday Night Live and when appropriate, I am not above joining in on the good time.

It is with this in mind, that I had my own little fun today, when I took the kids to Paradise Park

in Lee's Summit, Missouri. As the kids explored and did all kind of imaginary creative play, I took photos for the blog and memory pages.

With my warped sense of humor intact, I sat down with my children and played in the animal kingdom. There were stables, farms,
and all types of plastic animal figures to pose. This was not some facebook Farmville bullshit either, we really pretended to own and operate a farm.

When I saw there were other wild animals too, I had to make my own political statement. With elephants and donkeys readily available, it only seemed natural (un-natural?) to pose the figures accordingly.I played democrats and republicans. Then, as I cracked myself up, I took plastic animal porn photos and promptly texted them to my friends.

If you ever wondered what kind of parent I am, now you know and now you have the proof. I am all about creative play, political awareness and poking fun at my own expense.

Paradise Park- the destination for family entertainment, and political play with plastic animals. Ahhhhh, yes, it is an election year and I have to keep my sense of humor afloat.

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