Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Night of the Tired Parents

We drove to Kansas City starting around midnight. Jeff and I experimented with the departure time and I can honestly say, we won't be doing it this way ever again. While we arrived in KC first thing in the morning, we were all cranky, tired and whining. Thankfully our day started at the Hallmark Visitors Center at Crown Center.

At the Children's Kaleidoscope, the art projects were free flowing and the fun was on going. The only that would have made it better for the adults would have been a nap station and or massage therapist. Cest La Vie.

As you can see, the cousins reunited as if time had stood still since summer.

They just pick right up where they left off, and are glad to see each other. We made several attempts to get a fantastic photo of the six grandchildren,

but like most tries, it was unsuccessful.

We went non-stop all day. There was lunch at Jason's Deli, followed by outdoor playgrounds, parks and more recreation. The evening meal was at Sweet Tomatoes where kids ate free if they were dressed in their Halloween costumes. We totally took advantage of that one, times SIX.
The Scooby Doo gang, the unicorn, and the police officer were the stars of Sweet Tomatoes, which really isn't setting the bar all that high, you know.

To top off our action packed start to the change of scenery, we went to Night of the Living Farm

at the Deanna Rose Farmstead. The kids trick or treated and mooched all kinds of swag from various participants. There were face paintings, hayrides

and pumpkin tossing contests. By far the highlight of the evening was tossing real pumpkins through a white pvc pipe,

onto a trampoline and into a pen. Candy is good but getting to wield gourds onto a bouncy surface is sublime.

This is how Jeff and I felt all day.
It is what I found in the hotel bed after I showered the kids and put them into jammies. Normally, I would have to lay down next to them to settle them and get them to sleep, but tonight, I excused myself to change my clothes and 3 minutes later they were all out like a light.

Next year, we will time our trip more appropriately, leaving early in the morning and arriving after lunch. Otherwise, we experience the day and night of exhausted parents.

And remember, even though I am taking vacation time off at work, travel with four kids for 11.5 hours in a minivan is NOT A VACATION. It is a change of scenery.

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