Sunday, October 2, 2011

My FOUR six year olds

Anyone who has read this blog for more than five minutes knows that I have four triplets. Charlotte is the fourth triplet. Today, as Eli, CJ and Natalie turn six, we celebrated their joint birthday.

Today, their father became the fourth six year old in our family.

We hosted a lunch and make your own fro yo sundae party

at Menchies in Dublin. I provided lunch and activities for the guests. The kids crafted and ate while my husband acted like a child. Jeff was the most difficult child there. I spent half of my time micro managing him, disciplining him and un-doing his attempts at being funny.

Funny = Annoying.

All of the actual children behaved like solid citizens.

They colored on the adorable Menchie's logo tee shirts

which they got to take home, they sat nicely, they created amazing sundaes without incident. My husband, ummmm yeah, not so much.

I was expecting that some of the guests would ask about a birthday cake, or two, or three. We opted for the custom made, do it yourself sundaes

in lieu of cake and I don't think any of the kids even noticed. Papa loaded his with plenty of candies and other crap too, because he is as much of a child as his son in law.

Everyone truly enjoyed themselves.

I made sure to get a group photo of the friends and family that were able to be at the party.We missed our KC cousins, and some of the kindergarten classmates who were out of town. Regarding the 12 clueless parents that did not even respond- your kids missed a very fun, very festive and very happy birthday party and you are still rude.

As for Charlotte, she is still the fourth triplet- only now, when people ask me how many kids I have, I will have to clarify that I have three six year olds, a four year old and a husband that acts like a child.

I will post again about the triplet birthday when I have had a chance to settle down and digest the milestone. For now, I will leave it at this:
Happy Birthday Eli, CJ and Natalie- the original Slutsky triplets.

PS- you know your husband was a royal pain in the ass when you get a text the following morning: "Just wanted to check to make sure you are okay, you seemed really stressed at the party, btw, my kids had a great time."

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