Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marco Polo, Marco Bicego

Saks Fifth Avenue in Columbus, Ohio welcomed famed jeweler,Marco Bicego to the store for a personal appearance. All week, I had been doing a word association in my head to help me pronounce his name correctly. As I geared up for the event I was chanting, Marco Polo, Marco Beach-a-go.

Whatever works.

As the rain fell continuously from dusk to dawn, I wished I was playing Marco Polo on a Beach-a-go vacation. Instead, I played jewelry dress up with my friends and co-workers. If there was ever a time to stay indoors, and get all dolled up with 18 karat gold and precious stones, this was it. Right place, right time.

Watch this video on the Marco Bicego page of the Saks website if you want to be "wow-ed" by Marco Bicego. These are some of my favorite pieces,

and it took some time to narrow down the choices to just these few.

Marco Bicego is a humble, sweet, charming and gorgeous goldsmith. His family has been making amazing wearable art for years, and for two weeks a year, Marco himself comes to the United States to meet his fans. How lucky was I to be part of the Saks team in welcoming Marco Bicego to Columbus? Yeah, it is tough job, but someone has to do it.

If there was ever any doubt about how much I love my new job,

you can stop wondering. As if it is really horrible to be forced to stay inside socializing with clients and listening to a handsome Italian man talk about his passion for making jewelry? And like all proper social situations, there was food and drink being passed around too.

To literally put the cherry on top of the dessert, it was a delicious evening.

Yummy. I do love me some drinks, diamonds and Italian men. Next year, I will not need a word association at all. I can say Marco Bicego in my dreams.

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