Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mah Jong Mavens

Every family has their own traditions. We are Jewish- in addition to the obvious religious celebrations, we have some cultural traditions that are passed on from generation to generation.

Much like eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve, seeing a movie on Christmas day, and never ordering a sandwich on white bread with mayo, we adhere to our traditions as a family. Jewish women play mah jong. It is what we do.

My children have been learning all about the mah jong tiles by playing the on line card game of mah jong. While this version is anything but traditional, it has taught them to identify the suits, tiles and runs associated with playing the real game. I thought it would be fun for Nana to bring her mah jong game on this visit to Columbus.

I thought teaching the kids to play with tiles, racks and cards would be a good time.

I thought wrong.

As it turns out, my mah jong mavens do not have the attention span to follow the instructions. They do not have the patience to just sit and strategically develop the hands.

Yes, they could call the tiles by the correct names, but that alone was not enough to call it a game.

In theory, playing mah jong with the kids was a brilliant idea.

In reality, it was pure torture. I would have preferred to have a root canal without any sedation.

Maybe next year we can try again. Maybe next year I will refill my valium, chase it with a shot of vodka and make that a part of the mah jong family tradition.

In am a glass half full girl. I considered making the title of this post Mah Jong FAIL. I went the positive route and used mavens- but since the glass is half full, I am going to drink it, and call it a day.

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