Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lexus 1, Infiniti 0

Without going into painstaking detail, Jeff got creamed in the roundabout near our house tonight. When the other driver fails to yield, it causes all kinds of damage.

At the end of the evening the score was Lexus SUV 1, Infiniti sedan 0.

I had just gotten into a luxurious bubble bath when my cell rang with the distinctive Jeff tone. I knew he was on the way home from karate, so I got out of the tub, ran to the phone on the charger and got his call before it rolled into voicemail. He told me he was going to be late getting home because he was involved in a car accident. As he shared the simple facts with me I got dried off, threw on some clothes and went to the scene, 3 blocks away.

It was a good thing I had spoken to Jeff prior to arriving at the accident. From the looks of his car, this was a bad one. He was hit so hard that his car spun around and ended up like a beached whale against a tree and fence. Ahhhhh, the beautiful white picket fence that subtly says, welcome to New Albany. You're welcome, thank you.

We waited for the tow truck to come and chatted with the Sheriff who took the report. I snapped a ton of photos
for the insurance company. After my own accident back in May, I was just making sure the severity was documented. The other driver was formally ticketed and was at fault. Fortunately, this time, the other driver was insured.

So in keeping with the theme this year, we will keep score. The score is uninsured driver 1, Toyota van 0, Smash and Grab neighborhood thieves 1, Toyota Van 0, Lexus SUV 1, the Infiniti sedan, 0.

This whole thing sucks Baytzim-Oy vey!

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asrubin10 said...

Thank G-d everyone is ok! My friend's mother just passed away over yuntiff from a car accidents are a very sensitive issue over here as we're all still dealing with the aftermath of the sudden, tragic event.

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