Sunday, October 9, 2011

Key to the Cure

My employer is the sponsor of the upcoming Fashion for a Cause, Key to the Cure. This event takes place in the center court of the mall and features women, all cancer survivors as models. The money from this runway show goes directly to the Columbus Cancer Clinic- an amazing organization that offers assistance to those impacted by cancer.

I never knew that a place called the Columbus Cancer Clinic did not treat cancer. Instead they are a non-profit that offers screenings, support, and assistance to those with cancer. When my store manager educated me about the mission of the Columbus Cancer Clinic, I was proud to be a part of his team. The clinic offers both emotional and financial assistance to those with cancer. For example, imagine a single mom with cancer- if she can't go to work because the chemo makes her sick, who is going to help her pay the rent? What about an older person without support from family members- who will drive them to their treatments and make sure they have food in the house? All valid concerns that I did not think about prior to the morning meeting yesterday. Thanks Bill.

This week, the visual team at Saks started putting up the signage for the event, which is October 17th. Saks sells the Key To The Cure tee shirts, which are $35 each- and remarkably, 100% of the money goes directly to the Columbus Cancer Clinic. Elie Tahari designed the logo tee
and Jennifer Hudson is the national spokesperson. Who can't use another tee shirt?

If that was not enough to help me get excited about the fashion show, I discovered that Karen, one of the other Fifth Avenue Club consultants is a cancer survivor. My co-worker, the one that sits right across the hall from me, the fabulous and always smiling Karen, is 3.5 years since her diagnosis. For the third year in a row, Karen will strut her stuff on that runway. I would not miss it for the world.

The visual team added black and white head shots of the women who will be featured in the runway show next week.

This became a wall of images that showcases a personal triumph over the disease. Their names did not mean anything to me personally, but their images were inspiring. Aside from Karen, who were these ladies and what is their cancer story? It is hard to walk past this display every day, many times a day, staring at the faces and not feel gratitude for a healthy life. It is humbling to realize this could be me, or anyone I care about. If that is not motivation to get involved, I am not sure what is.

Cancer is some scary shit. When there is a way to do something positive for such a negative disease, I am on it. Since 100% of the ticket price from the show goes to Columbus Cancer Clinic, being there is not only a donation, it is showing support for the ladies who will rock that runway like no other.

Oh what a wonderful month this will be- first the Columbus Key to the Cure, then two days later, Condom Couture. I can hardly stand it.

Come on out and join me in supporting both Karen and the fine work of the Columbus Cancer Clinic. It is the very heart of fashion for a cause, and we all know that fashion is a passion of mine, but now you can add fashion for a cause too.

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