Saturday, October 15, 2011

Is it a turtle pooping?

You must have kindergarten children to understand the insanity that is potty humor. Every single "joke" is focused around pee, poop, toilets, butts and stinky diapers. It is a phase I am told.

With a group of kids trying to out do each other with potty talk, things escalate quickly. One person starts the dialogue and says something they find funny, then they all chime in attempt to one up their sibling. Before long, they are all cracking up at the mention of stupid poopy pants, toilet faces, and butt wipers and other nonsense.

I am experiencing this hell daily.

Keeping my current situation in mind, I am a bit sensitive to the subject of potty talk, bathroom jokes, and bodily function humor. Imagine my first reaction to this drawing Charlotte made.She asked me, "Mommie, do you like the picture I made for you?" I nodded and did not think too much about it. Charlotte continued, "Do you know what it is?" Upon closer inspection, I thought that she had sketched a turtle pooping. It seemed obvious to me.

"Noooooooooo! Noooooooooo!" Charlotte screeeched, "It is not a turtle goin poop, that would be so gross, Mommie, it is a turtle eating grapes!"

Excellent. Clearly my mind was in a place of potty thought. These kids are rubbing off on me, in ways that are less than pleasant.

I suggested that Charlotte write a caption on her drawing so that it would be clear to everyone that this was in fact, a turtle eating grapes.Not too shabby for a four year old?

I made her sign her work, so that in the future it would be crystal clear who made this lovely picture, that is NOT a turtle pooping.

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