Sunday, October 30, 2011

"I should have taken the baby back ribs"

This marks our annual mecca to Kansas City for the birthday party we jokingly call, Grandma-palooza. When you are 101 years old, you can say and do pretty much anything you want. And get away with it. An entire weekend is dedicated to you, and like it or not, you are forced into mandatory family fun.

Aunt Nat and Aunt Rachelle treated the kids to a special morning of all things cowboy and horses. They chartered a pony riding stable for a hour

and the kids just rode and rode taking turns on each of the beautiful ponies. CJ told Nana he was a natural at riding horses. Where does he get these comments?

Again, we used the outdoor scene to try to capture a more recent photo of all the kids, but alas, we just decided to say, what the hay, and move along. Instead, I got as many candids

as I could and will make some digital pages for the memory books.

We went to visit the birthday girl in her play room. The great grandkids sure enjoy all of Grandma's toys and puzzles.They have no concept of the community center room, they just think that Grandma has a vast selection of amazing toys. We took photos of each of us with the birthday girl- when you have multiples, I have been told that in the future they will each wish that they had special photos of themselves

without the whole posse. I get that concept, and I try to snap individual images lest I pay for their therapy sessions, times four! I made sure to showcase that 101 is the new 85- no botox, no photoshop- these are indeed, my genes.

Nana and Papa took the whole fam damily

out for dinner in honor of Grandma's big day. The kids were mildly freaked out by the taxidermy in the room, so I did my best to remedy the situation. The rest of the meal was typical of dining out with 6 kids, two cranky senior citizens and over tired parents.

You might wonder what a 101 year old lady orders for her meal. Here is the choice of the 100 year old, plus one,7 ounce filet mignon prepared medium, side of chardonnay cream with lump crab meat, grilled asparagus, and a loaded baked potato. As it was presented to her, she leaned into me and said, "I should have taken the baby back ribs." This is classic Grandma. Classic.

With six helpers to blow out the candles, the above mentioned meal was concluded with peach cobbler ala mode.

Yes, she ate it all washed down with a few glasses of her beloved Sprite.

Next year, G-d willing, when we have a change of scenery for the big # 102, I will remind her to take the baby back ribs.

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