Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Saw Free Produce

Every time I am out and about, I am looking for the latest and greatest products and services. When it comes to shopping, I consider myself a professional.

We all know I love a good deal. Who doesn't? Yes, it takes a bit more effort to be frugal. Yes, I am still finding the time to clip and redeem grocery coupons. I make it a Sunday night project to clip, organize and gear up for the week ahead.

Every once in a while there is a grocery deal that I do not anticipate. When I was painstakingly picking our produce at the Market District this morning, I found a bargain that I could not refuse. As I passed an end cap display of sunny yellow, cherry sized tomatoes that were two for $3.00 or $1.50 each, I reached into my binder for a $.55 cents off coupon. Knowing that Giant Eagle would double this offer to $1.10, I quickly did the math and realized one container of tomatoes would be a mere forty cents. Cha Ching!

But hold on there just a second. When I picked up the container I saw an instant peel and use coupon for SEVENTY FIVE CENTS OFF.
My brain went into spastic mode. Instead of seeing a carton of yellow tomatoes, I saw, FREE TOMATOES. Those little $.75 off stickers were peeled and doubled to make those buck fifty cartons, absolutely eff, are, double "E" Free.

I rounded up Jeff on his i-phone, hissed at him to grab a second cart and meet me by the tomatoes. As he neared the display he said, "Why did you need me to come over here with a second cart, you barely have anything in yours?" I gave him a lesson in basic math, shoved 8 cartons of free yellow tomatoes into his empty buggy, added a gallon of apple cider and a bunch of bananas, and told him to go check out. He complied with my request, and went back upstairs to continue reading the paper and surfing on his computer.

Meanwhile, I plunked 15 cartons into my own cart and continued shopping. I got to the fruit area and another too good to be true deal was ripe for the picking. Pun intended. Even a moron could look at this and see free pineapple spears.When the instant coupon is $1 off and the cost is a dollar, that spells FREE. I normally would NEVER buy individually packaged, single, fresh pineapple spears. At a dollar a pop, that is ridiculous. But when they are giving them away, now, that is another story. I saw that these can be frozen, so they are perfect for lunch boxes and on the go snacking to be named later.

I guess this post is a bit of a brag. My initial intent was not to gloat, but to point out that it is important to pay attention to prices and coupons. Most people passed the display cases and saw yellow tomatoes and pineapple spears.

I saw free produce.


asrubin10 said...

I don't think such deals exist in NY...

Laura said...

That is awesome! I am giddy for you :)

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