Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally Fall

It is finally Fall here in Central Ohio. The leaves are turning and the night air is getting cooler. This makes for great bike riding adventures.

We spent an hour at the park after school today. Nana got her last bit of the kids before she left to go home. We schlepped the bikes to the riding trails and let the kids release any and all energy they had left.

They barely slowed down enough to pose for some photos. Natalie was burning up the road now that she is an experienced two wheeler.

We came home to salsa chicken in the crock pot, do it yourself tacos and nachos, and exhausted, kids. The days are getting shorter, so we have to cram all of our activities into the daylight hours. This is more and more complicated when I am at work full time. Thankfully, I am batch cooking and crock potting almost every day, which saves me an hour daylight time doing the cooking.

I plan to recycle the leftover chicken from tonight into tortilla soup. It is planning ahead like this that is keeping the kids well fed, and keeping me somewhat sane.

Stay tuned for tortilla soup Thursday tomorrow, until then- I am sleeping with the windows open, ahhhhhhh yes- it is finally fall.

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Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

If we didn't have two crockpots, I don't think we'd eat!

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