Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fantasy Fashion Team

I have a fantasy football team. I am competitive when it comes to family bragging rights, gambling and sports. Since I have little time and little interest in the details of managing a team, I hired my nephew Justin to be the manager. This is a win win for both of us. Justin has me as a ($$$) backer for the team and we split the winnings, if there are any, 50-50. He does all the trades, picks and plays, keeps abreast of the score and standings. It is fun to witness his enthusiasm for the league. Fantasy football is a Slutsky family thing.

As I was thinking about the fantasy football concept, I wondered, could I design a fantasy fashion league (FFL)? It would be a similar concept. You select the designers you want to have, pick who is showcased each week according to the season schedule, and your choices of apparel would be purely fantasy. I could say things like, "I drafted Donna Karan and Chanel this week, I sure hope it does not rain." Or perhaps my conversation would go like this, "Well, since I have Manolo in this week, I will skip the self park and go with valet parking." My fantasy fashion game would allow me to be outfitted in a dream world where money is no object.

Like all fantasies, it is too good to be true, but sure is fun playing. I did put together an amazing outfit for display in my fitting room. If my fantasy fashion league were to get started with my pre-season selection, this would be the combination.Camel cashmere cape trimmed in fur by Adrienne Landau over Lafayette 148 dark brown wool trousers, crisp white cotton blouse by Pink Tartan, Longchamp ruby red tote bag, Prada brown tortoise sunglasses, Saks Fifth Avenue label chocolate leather gloves, and Christian Louboutin leopard pumps with a kitten heel and red sole. The handbag picks up the color of the soles when you walk, so it just all ties together beautifully.

This outfit just rocks my FFL world. I am playing some lesser known designers along with the big league fashionista labels. My team is working it.

Now I just need a $$$ backer and I am all set. This fantasy fashion league is one game I could play to win. Move over ESPN, the Style Network is going to take over.

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