Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eli's Resume

Now that I am working full time, the kids have a new appreciation for all things career related. We have discussed jobs, paychecks, schedules and responsibilities as they relate to our new family situation.

Eli has had he hardest time with me not being home as much. He is struggling with the changes and has voiced his disapproval of my absence. I have tried to enlighten him on the benefits of my new job. I have taken him inside the store for a tour so he can process what happens while I am at work.

All these steps have made the transition easier but not completely seamless. Eli is still unsure about me working full time. The only thing that would make this easier for him, is if he could come to work with me. Eli asked me, "Mommie, how about if I go to work with you, then I won't miss you because we will be together?" I told Eli I would check with my manager.

A day or so later, not giving up on his hope to start working with me at Saks, Eli brought up the topic again. This time he said, "Mommie, what is your manager's name?" I said, "Bill is the manager at Saks." And with that Eli went into the playroom.

I had no idea what Eli was working on, but when he came out, he handed me this:Apparently, this is Eli's hand written letter to my manager, Bill.

For those of you that do not speak Kindergarten, Eli wrote:

Dear Bill,

I will take your shoppers out. I will show your customers where to go.


I guess I can safely say that this is Eli's first resume. It reads more like a cover letter written by a 6 year old, but hey, that is what it is.

Of course I photocopied this, stuck a translation post it note onto the bottom and put it in Bill's inner office mailbox.

No word yet if Eli will get the job, but in terms of entrepreneurial skills, clearly, the kid is gifted.

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Anonymous said...

How cute is this ! :) Super Eli !!

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