Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't You, Forget About Me

This blog is my official memory keeper. With all the information I am required to retain, I need back up. I'm not in High School anymore, and I can't fill my head with tons of useless information.

I am constantly fearful that I am going to forget something important or worse yet, forget something funny and trivial.

Earlier today, as I was helping Charlotte get dressed, there was a glitch in putting on her tights. Somehow, the seam across her toes was wrinkled and bunched up. Clearly, this was uncomfortable, so Charlotte took it upon herself to correct the problem. When she was unable to remedy the situation, she asked me to assist. "Mommie, come help me fix my tights, they are all funky in the front and it is choking my toes!"

Eli was really hungry before I was ready to serve dinner last night. He was sitting nicely at the table waiting for the meal. At one point, he asked me. "Can I please have an appetizement?"

Natalie notices EVERYTHING! Nothing gets by this kid. As she was rubbing Pennylane's belly, she saw a brown spot on Penny's nipple. Natalie studied the mark, and asked me, "Mommie, are these the nipples that Penny used to give her puppies milk?" I nodded yes. Natalie looked over all the other nipples and noted that one was pinkish and the others were mostly covered with white fur. I could tell she was processing something, but I did not expect her to say, "Ohhhhh, these are where the white milk comes out, this one is strawberry and this brown is one is the chocolate milk."

From the mouths of my babes, these are the truly important things that I don't want to forget.

When Simple Minds released the song, Don't you, Forget about me, I was in High School, and The Breakfast Club was my favorite movie. Now, some years later, the song has taken on a whole new meaning to me. I still sing along anytime I hear it, only now, instead of seeing Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez, I see appetizements, choking toes and flavored dog milk.

Don't You Forget About Me.

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