Friday, October 28, 2011

Crayon Cupakes

The removal of old, broken and stubby crayons has always been a necessary evil of crafting. What kids like to use the ugly crayons that end up at the bottom of the crayola stash? My kids avoid "those" crayons like the plague and opt to use the pretty, new, sharp and perfect colors.

I am opposed to just tossing the broken bits out and I have been saving the little nubs for this cool crafting assignment. The kids thought I was crazy to keep all the little bits in a bag- they had no idea I was up to something that would be fun and frugal.

I have discovered a crafting project that is all things excellent. It uses the discarded crayons and is truly recycling at its finest. As we did this together the kids renamed my craft for me- they called these, crayon cupcakes.

We took all the icky crayons and unwrapped them.
With a bowl full of naked coloring stubs we filled some heart shaped silicone molds to make new and improved marbled crayon bricks. I suggested that

we fill the heart molds with similar colors, but CJ wanted his to be a hodge podge of the rainbow- live and learn.

Once the molds were filled about 3/4 full of the crayon bits and pieces, we shoved the mold into the toaster convection oven at 275 degrees for about 12 minutes until all the crayons were completely melted. We cooled them in the fridge until they were solidified. Once they were ready, we popped them out,
and marveled at our success. These turned out so much better than I expected.

The kids colored with their new found crayon friends. It was great to put an unwanted item to good use. This was one artsy fartsy task that was re purposing and fun.

I plan to buy a few other silicone cupcake molds to add to our collection of shapes. In this case, we love heart shaped colorful crayon cupcakes.


Lori said...

That is so cool! We have tons of those crappy crayons. I need to get a silicone mold and try this.

Helene said...

Lori, it was totally easy to make these. The kids had fun unwrapping too- it kept them busy for an hour.

I plan to do this again when I need some time in the kitchen- serioulsy, they sat for an hour peeling, it was awesome.

I am thinking of getting some silicone molds just for this craft.

Anonymous said...

Those would be cute to wrap in a gift bag and give along with a coloring book for a party favor!

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher and made these for my students for Valentines Day last year. They were a big hit:)

Tari C said...

My 4yo loved doing this last year as a birthday gift for a friend. I'd forgotten about it-I think it might be time to bring this one out again.

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