Thursday, October 20, 2011

Condom Couture- It's a Wrap

Oh what a night! Fashion, fun, and fundraising- all brought together to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood.

I have participated and joined plenty of committees over the years, most a huge waste of time, but this is one event that is successful only because of the dedication from the volunteers. Sure it is a huge commitment time wise, but it is all for a good and worthy cause. My fellow committee members and I
gave it our all, and believe me, it showed. The event was flawless- the only downfall was the rain- literally.

The condom corsages I painstakingly made were a hit. We were sold out before the show even started. Next year I am going to have to make more because when it comes to accessorizing, nothing is more festive than a floral corsage made from condoms, beads and rubber cement. In fact,

these gals loved their new corsages so much, they planned on wearing them to work the next day to a law firm. How cool is that?

The student designers from CCAD really out did themselves this year. The new venue held more people
and the show itself was SOLD OUT. Even the standing room only area was to capacity. As you can see from all of the smiling faces,

people were having fun and enjoying the evening, it was simply, Amazing!

With a long runway that extended into the crowd, the designers were able to showcase their condom clad models.

The audience was completely blown away by the talent. These garments are constructed of condoms, condom wrappers and sweat equity. At a distance you could not tell these were not crafted from fabric, which is a testament to the quality and workmanship.

The evening featured live music,

great food, drinks and the desire to provide women's health education and treatment. I know the photos

do not do the night justice, but when I say Condom Couture, I mean couture from condoms.

Condom Couture 2011- oh yeah, it is a wrap!

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