Friday, October 7, 2011

Condom Corsages for Condom Couture

Remember last year when I was on the planning committee for Condom Couture, the fashion show fundraiser for Planned Parenthood? My blog post featured the highlights from the event, but it did not give any of the behind the scenes information in advance, since I was relatively new to the event.

This year, I am all over it. This blog post is advance notice of the event and is posted with plenty of lead time, so you can be there if you want to celebrate a night of fashion, fun and health.

I have volunteered again, only this time I put my talent to good use by writing the questions for the judges and designers. I wanted the actual show to be more interesting so I decided to shake things up with the conversation on stage. I know this will help get the audience more involved during the runway portion. No one is nosier than me, so coming up with probing questions was a snap. I have faith that our emcee, Andrea Cambern will be able to get the dialogue going from the platform runway.

As for the condom corsages this year, yeah, I am making them. I saw an opportunity to raise additional funds for the organization, and since I am not financially able to be a mega donor, I can create a product that can be purchased at the show. At the event last year, the corsages were given to the board members and host committee, and they were the talk of the night. Everyone wanted one of the whimsical, arty, and slightly controversial flower pins.

We will be selling the beautiful condom corsages at check in this year. In order to make 60 corsages I needed plenty of colorful, unlubricated (a thought you probably did not have) condoms. Planned parenthood provided me the ginormous bag of party colored materials. (this is what 1500 condoms looks like)It was a topic of conversation when my parents arrived let me tell you. While nothing really shocks them anymore, I am sure seeing a hefty bag full of rubbers was not what on their radar screen when they showed up to visit the grandkids.

With my artistic side, I crafted the plethora of prophylactics into corsages. I strung glass beads onto jeweler wire, made a spiral with the beads, hot glued them to a condom to make the center of the flower and dried them on the kitchen table. I am sure that this makes me Martha Jewert on an edgy, politically less correct level. Wait, you mean all the other New Albany mommies don't make condom crafts at the kitchen table? Huh?

After creating the flower petals using rubber cement,I assembled the petals to the fancy beaded centers. I added a brooch pin to the reverse side of a silk floral leaf with more hot glue,
and put it all together to form the corsage. I am finalizing the finished product by adding a bit of felt for support and balance, so when the pin is fastened to a jacket or lapel, it won't flop over on itself. Floppy condoms, no matter how pretty and colorful should never be seen in public.

Taaaaa Dahhhhh! Here is my festive, finished product,ready for the Condom Couture clad committee, Planned Parenthood board members and fashion show attendees. Most concession stands sell popcorn and overpriced candy, but not Condom Couture- oh, no- we rock the house with bedazzled floral corsages.

This is my PSA for the event- we are in final countdown mode until the show. If you are local and want to see some amazing dresses crafted from condoms, support an organization that offers reproductive education and prevention of sexually transmitted disease, click here to buy your tickets. I promise you will be entertained.

Condom Couture, the perfect combination of fashion for a cause. Because we all need a reason to go out, do good, get dressed up and have fun.


babette said...

I'll be there, jealously eying your corsage!

babette said...


Helene said...

No need to be jealous friend, I have made one just for you. Consider yourself a spokesperson for the concession stand

Saddened By You said...

Really??? And you have children? You should be ashamed of yourself. Just give kids condoms (that don't protect against all std's and fail most of the time) and forget all of the emotional and social fallout that sex has for those not married. Way to go mom! You deserve an award.

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