Friday, October 14, 2011

Coming Right Along

I am final countdown mode until the Condom Couture event next week. I am thrilled to take part in such a fun filled evening. Ticket sales are going well and things are, pardon the pun, coming right along.

My corsage making capabilities are getting stronger. I have determined

that the circular cut out of a paper plate is the correct weight for the backs of the brooches. Combined with a touch of hot glue, some silk floral leaves and the condom flower, these spirit pins are almost ready to be debuted at the concession stand.

I think they look festive and just cute enough to wear. When the committee asks me for a status report on the condom corsages, I will giggle when I say, "They are coming right along!"

The question is, are you coming along too? I promise it will be a hoot!

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