Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Warm Welcome

I am a working gal. Officially. I have started my personal shopping gig, and I have to report that it truly is; rock star awesome. Seriously.

Maybe it is a coinkydink, but I doubt it. My first day was the kick off of employee appreciation week. It was beyond my wildest dreams that I would be served mock tails and appetizers at 2:00 in the afternoon. The store manager was the bartender and he served up some mean faux cocktails, I must say. How cool is this? On my first day of work, the big boss is mixing cold beverages for me- well, me and every other person working there, but still, totally fabulous. I could get used to this.

So after I gave everyone the 411 yesterday, I had to make sure I was not breaking any rules. When you work for a large corporation, even a Mommie blog like mine can step on toes and cross the line on the internet-even by accident. I cleared the gist of things with the powers at be, and I can publicly state that I am a consultant in the Fifth Avenue Club at Saks Fifth Avenue. Hip Hip Hooray.

Obviously, there are confidentiality issues, privacy concerns, and standards to uphold- so I will not be blogging about the actual day to day functions at my office, in the store, in my double top secret dressing room, or in general. There won't be any postings about upcoming sales or bargains, because this is not the place for that. I am more than happy to add my readers to my client base, I just have to do that off of this space, and in private.

In order for me to offer my services, I just need to know you are interests and we can go from there. Whether you need a long-lasting, lilac lipstick or a lovely, long length lynx coat, I am willing to help. Just reach out to me, and I will make things happen. I have email, a cell phone, a voice mail at the store and if worse comes to worse, you can send me a smoke signal- but remember, the only smoke I like is from Jack's Stack BBQ in Kansas City.

One of the nicest things about my new job is the warm welcome I received from everyone in the store. Now, let me return the favor to you.... call, or come and see me.

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Carrie said...

That's fabulous. And seriously, you'll be great at it. That is a job I would LOVE to do! Good for you!

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