Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Every right of passage, every milestone, every childhood occurrence is a race when you are part of a set. There is a genuine competition with same age multiples, and when it comes to my three, it is game on!

CJ was the first to lose teeth. Eli rode a two wheeler first. Natalie is beside herself that she has had a wiggly bottom tooth for weeks, and it is still not out. Never one to be left behind, Natalie taught herself to ride a bike this weekend.

She spent time just getting the hang of it, and after a few tumbles, she mastered the whole two wheel balance thing. You will notice that at various stages in her bike riding, she is not once wearing her helmet.

She can't stand the helmet. I am not sure how to enforce the helmet aside from no helmet, no riding. Period. That should go over like a lead balloon.

The game is in full swing over here. We have non-training wheel, bike riders. We have kids getting adult teeth. We have two out of three doing a combination of all of the above. The score will even out when Natalie joins the tooth fairy club, and CJ can ride a two wheeler.

Until then, Meatloaf said it best- "Two outta three ain't bad!"


asrubin10 said...

If I were you, I would put the bikes away and deal with the "lead balloon..." what if....and I'm sure it happens a lot more frequently then we hear about and that would be a tragedy, especially since it's preventable!

that's my thinking, but I'm also especially over protective. But I am 100% helmet adamant and don't understand how people don't let their kids ride without them...TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a horrible thing...

no offense, but just my assvice :)

Helene said...

aaryn- I am with you. I am.

Tonight we discussed it again, and the new rule is no helmet, no go.

I have to make sure that this is understood by everyone so that the supervisors can enforce the rules.

asrubin10 said...

whoops-grammatical error-i don't understand how people let their kids ride without them!

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