Friday, September 16, 2011

Show and Tell with Pennylane

Charlotte brought Pennylane to school today for show and tell. After getting permission to bring the dog into the classroom, this has had Charlotte excited all week. Friday could not come fast enough.

Miss Charlotte was up and dressed early this morning. She selected her own outfit for such a special day. Jeff and I were cracking up at her choice. With the tall black boots,chanel-ish jacket and animal print skirt, she was my mini me. Hey, I would be lying if I did not admit it!

After the class of preschoolers gathered round the circle, Charlotte sat on the big chair
and gave instructions. "Just sit on your bottoms and I will tell you about Pennylane. She is a Jack Russell terrier, she is smart, and if she likes you, be ready to get kissed and licked, ok?"

Just as I entered the room with Pennylane on a leash, Charlotte said, "One at a time people, one at a time!" Mini me, indeed.

The kids all took turns

loving on our sweet girlie. Charlotte answered a bunch of questions about her poochie and graciously allowed each of her friends to pet Penny
and rub her polky dot belly. If you think for one second this dog was not loving it, just look more closely at the photos. If Penny could go to school with Charlotte every day, she would.

Show and tell made Charlotte a star today. No one, not even the teachers, could resist the charms of our petite Jack Russell girl. There is no reason to tell you the whole story, because, let's face it.....the photos show it.

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