Thursday, September 1, 2011

Posting Remorse and other News

If you are wondering what happened to the original (from earlier today) post I deleted, I apologize. I had, what I like to call, posters remorse. Since I have not actually started the job, I thought it better to wait and post all the juicy details after it was in fact, my new job- not just an offer that I accepted.

I felt the same way about having a baby shower when I was pregnant with the triplets. Call it superstitious, call it not counting eggs before they hatch, whatever.... I just did not want to jinx anything. The same holds true about my new personal shopping position. I will wait and keep the post in draft mode until my job is a current one, not a future one.

So while I am waiting for my career to begin, I am nesting here at home. I am starting to build up the batch food reserves in the freezer so that my dinner plans will continue without much interruption. I can work hard, come home and have a nice meal ready with little effort. Between batch cooking and my crock pot, I doubt my full time work schedule will have an impact on dinner time.

This also means that the blog has been a virtual snooze fest. I have been documenting all the food items and recipes, but if I continue to turn this spot into a food blog, my readers will fall asleep at the screen. YAWN!

Before I go on a food blogging binge, here are a few highlights from the mouths of babes this week:

Eli reported that he really enjoyed having hot lunch at school. His favorite side dish was "BAR-GANZO" beans. I made him repeat it three times before I realized he was trying to tell me he had garbanzo beans. It was at that precise moment when it dawned on lunch at a Jewish school is far more interesting that public school hot lunch. Doy!

NEWSFLASH! Natalie has a lower tooth that is loose. While it will be a few weeks before that sucker comes out, she is finally on the path to joining her brothers in the club. THANK GAWD. I could not take much more of the insanity. Now, Charlotte is asking me to check her mouth too, so the tooth drama will continue for years.

I cleaned CJ's glasses before school this morning. You have no idea how ridiculously filthy and smudged a 5 year old boy can get his lenses. They were so gross, I actually used both steam and a lysol wipe on them. When I handed them back, he put them on, looked up at me and said, "WOW, these are so clear I can see even better than before, it is like my eyes aren't even looking through glass!" Note to self, clean his glasses more often.

While I have not spoken to Mitchell on the phone, I have been keeping up with his new college life via his posts on facebook. A parent can learn a lot from social networking with their kid. I know that Mitchell is fine, he is adjusting well to dorm life, and that he and his roommate have, and I quote: "just signed a roommate agreement sheet. Rule number 1... No fat chicks." end quote. Nice. At the risk of being de-friended,(again) I can also share these from the heart of Mitchell Slutsky gems: "First day of class tomorrow! Not only do I get to walk across the entire campus for my first class but I get to wake up extra early to go buy a text book. Tomorrow is gonna be so fun!" I wonder where he gets the sarcasm? As a concerned parent, I was glad he updated his status later that evening, "saw about 1,000 girls i would do today... things are looking up" I don't think he is depressed and home sick.

So to conclude, prepare for the following posts to be more food than fluff. I will get back to the regularly scheduled programming, eventually.

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Kristina said...

My Abby wears glasses. At 8 she can't keep track of them at all! And they are so dirty! How does she even see out of them! You would think that kiddos would get tired of trying to look through the smudges.

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