Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing Says

Among other topics of importance this week, Jeff and I just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on the 20th. Six months ago, when I noticed that Jeff had a booking to keynote in Las Vegas on September 26, I made myself available to tag along.

We decided to take the weekend to reconnect as a couple, without the kids. I must say, this is key to the success of our marriage. Our day to day operations can get stressful and overwhelming, but knowing that we are getting away is a nice goal to help us deal with the chaos. I have been in countdown mode for a while, but because I do not post in the future tense, I was unable to mention it, until now.

I have been looking forward to this for weeks. Nothing says I can get through this day, week, month like a scheduled break!

When I accepted the new job I made sure that my Vegas anniversary celebration would not cause a scheduling conflict. I redeemed a Southwest Airlines voucher from my last trip to LV and since we used some invited guest passes for hotel rooms, this became an anniversary vacay that did not cost us any real out of pocket money. This was our gift to each other. Nothing says I am still in love with you like going away together.

The ninth anniversary did not come and go without some surprises. Our dishwasher decided to shoot craps just as we were getting ready to leave for Las Vegas. I thought I would be the one shooting craps, but instead, I had to double down my first three paychecks and buy a new Bosch. Jeff researched the models, features and price points to find us a deal. He ended up buying a model that was introduced last year, but had a better rating with consumer reports that the newer version. Thankfully, as part of my anniversary present package, Jeff found one that did not have the original box, was moderately scratched on the side that goes into the wall, and could be delivered and installed the next day. He even got all romantic and purchased the 5 year parts and labor warranty because he is that sexy. Nothing says I love you like a cleaning appliance that lasts 5 years.

While at TJMaxx this week, I treated myself to a $14.99 cubic zirconia necklace. I had it gift boxed with ribbon and gave it to Jeff to give to me. This is how I roll. If I see something I want, I buy it, and make my husband the hero. He is glad that I make it this easy. Nothing says I will treasure your gift like buying yourself.

When I officially announced my role at Saks a few weeks ago, Misti left a comment on my blog post. She wished I lived in Las Vegas so I could style her for an upcoming high school reunion. Little did she know that a few weeks later, I would be coming into town. I orchestrated a little personal shopping adventure for her with Michele S, our mutual partner in crime. As much as I was anxious to get to Las Vegas for the luxury hotel room, quiet time with Jeff and the people watching, I was totally psyched to meet Misti and help her with the reunion project. Nothing can guarantee hysterical laughter like hanging out with two other, crazy triplet moms.

I also took it upon myself to make a dinner reservation for two at Postrio. While the menu has changed over the years, the restaurant still has sentimental value to Jeff and me. Whenever we are in Las Vegas, Jeff and I relive our very first date by dining there. We recall how we both knew it was beshert that night. While we both remember our date, we were so consumed with getting to know each other that neither one of us can recall what we ate that night. For foodies like us, this is unheard of- this just affirms my faith that it was truly a spectacular date- I can’t even recall my meal. Nothing says great date like forgetting about food.

The computer system at Postrio has us flagged in the system and every time we go back, they help "WOW" us on our special evening there. This time, there was a surprise dessert made especially for us. Nothing says congratulations on your marriage like mascarpone cheesecake with bittersweet chocolate and port wine infused figs.

Between the beautiful suite at the Palazzo, the triplet mom bonding, and the shopping, this was an anniversary to remember.

Nothing means happy anniversary like a new dishwasher, a sparkling pendant, a shopping adventure with friends, a romantic dinner date and a weekend without kids- in a posh hotel. While nothing else can show it, I can actually state it here: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JEFF, I love you.

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