Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Time for FAKERS

I do love me some mama drama. I admit to watching my fair share of Mommie Porn, also known as the Bravo Series, The Real Housewives. When it comes to a lifestyle of pure fantasy, editing and lies- there is nothing more entertaining than female fakers- either on televison, or on line.

I can thank Michele S. for enlightening me on this McK-Mom drama. I never knew the original site that spun a web of deceit and lies as if they were the truth. The followers of the McK, worship the author and are completely clueless to her ways. (While I am sure you are wondering why I am not linking you to the actual scene of the crime, the answer is simple. I will not support someone who is a pathological spinstress and profits from hits and page downloads.) If you want to see for yourself, be forewarned- it is addictive and can cause sudden increases in your blood pressure. I am not pretending to be a doctor, I am just keeping it real.

The McKin blog is/was a cash cow. The drama mama made money from all the clicks and sponsorships, pimped out her child's illness for ratings, and essentially used her readers for nothing more than financial gain. Her outright lies about foreclosures, tax liens, and domestic violence are deplorable.

Sadly, it is the 5 menu items she calls children, in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, who are suffering with a lack of true parenting and a stable environment. I just can't stand the fact that so many loyal and naive readers take what she says for face value, and are blinded by the all mighty platform she has created about her unreal, untrue lifestyle. Her followers and supporters make me want to give them a virtual slap, right from the monitor screen. SMACK!

Interestingly enough, there is a link to share. This is the site where I have followed the blog in question, without giving a precious $$$ click. This site is devoted to telling the truth and outing the discrepancies told by the former queen of BlogHer. I have found it more fascinating to read the site that mocks the original blog, than the original blog itself. Weird, I know, I know. Trust me, this is more reality than reality television will ever be.

You all know how bringing fakers to the light of day is the new and improved XXX Mommie Porn. Bye Bye soap operas, see ya later facebook, and move over RH on Bravo, there is a new way to entertain women and it is the mother load of drama- literally!

Can you imagine a site that is devoted to "hating on" and naysaying a single blogger gets more traffic that the initial blogger? My fellow friends who have pity, or are without pity- depending on who you ask, were at one time or another, duped and now they are mad as hell.

The McLiar is giving other mama bloggers a bad name. After all this faking and lying, I find myself questioning my own choices and blog material. I have learned a lot, I mean a lot, a lot from my fellow friends in this community of naysayers. My eyes are open wide.

How sad is it to start a blog, become so consumed with image and appearances that you lose sight of what is really important: your children and their well being. It must be exhausting to trump up a life that is purely fiction. With my actual crazy train, there is no need to embellish, I have enough blog material without really trying.

I admit to being fake. I have fake nails, fake hair, fake diamond stud earrings, fake quadruplets and on some occasions, a fake (sarcastic) smile. But there is one thing I do not fake, and that is the love and affection I have for my four triplets.

Now that I am working full time to help pay our bills, I will not have time for other mama drama. I have enough of my own. Any free moments in my day will be spent with my kids. As much as I have been amused by the fictional frenzy, it is time to step away, it is time to step up to my own responsibilities, like caring for my family- both financially, and emotionally. I will continue with this blog, as it serves as a half-assed substitute for not scrapbooking, but I am leaving the others behind.

I got no time for fakers.


Leah said...

Love your blog. I have to say I do read the blogger you talk about. I take it as I take every other blog or reality show I watch. I also love Real Housewives of Orange County, I watch and read different reality shows/blogs because they entertain me. If people don't like someone elses blog, don't read it. That someone would devote a website to tearing someone down to me is sad regardless if it's true or not. If she is doing something illegal or something that is harmful to the kids then do something about it. If people know or believe she is a liar, fake and she honks you off, don't go to her website. Simple. But I love your blog and I think you're fantastic!

Denise said...

I am loving this post. First time here wont be the last.

Woodland creature foodie said...

Obviously if the nameless mckmama gave a shit about anyone but herself, she would die. She thrives on bring an attention seeker. It's sad. I've read her blog off more than on since Stellan was sick. I knew she was bogus when there were photos of him with an unplugged pulse ox dangling from his foot.

I'm over her lies. Like you I won't give a click.

Sadly she has more negative readers than sheeple these days.

Heidi said...

Omg. Who are you on mwop? I did not know we had all this in common too. I love reading mom blogs for my own sense of a reality check. You are one of my faves because you make me crack up.

Anonymous said...

You're on MWOP? Wow, awesome. I have read your blog for a year or so now and I am on MWOP too. I'm Someonebringmeanewkidneystat. I don't comment much with my little ones at my feet but it's cool you are on there! Love your blog BTW!

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