Monday, September 19, 2011

Natalie Has Joined The Club

It happened. It finally happened. Natalie lost her first tooth. Her last place streak has come to an end, and the tooth fairy is on her way over to our house.

Natalie kept wiggling that bottom tooth for weeks. Last night, it was so loose that it was practically just hanging in her mouth. I asked her if I could wiggle it a bit and by a bit, I meant, can I snatch that thing out from your gums? Instead, I just said, "I don't think it is ever going to come out." To which Natalie had to show me how loose it was, and when she demonstrated it, that sucker came clean out and shot across the room. We were all shocked.

Finally. Finally, she has lost a tooth.

She can join her brothers in the exclusive, ever popular, highly coveted, tooth fairy club.

As for Charlotte, she could really care less. She keeps telling the triplets that she is the baby, and she is keeping her baby teeth forever because she likes being the youngest. She doesn't care about the tooth fairy club because she started a new club, the Baby Tooth Club where you can only be a member if you still have all of your baby teeth. The fourth triplet knows how to work the crowd. She is so friggin smart.

I am sure the tooth fairy will be generous with Natalie. Would it be wrong to get a DSW or Saks Fifth Avenue gift card for losing your first tooth? The prize remains to be seen, but will most likely be a gift card- so stay tuned for all the juicy details. In the mean time, Natalie is now destined to be, a (gift)card carrying member of the tooth fairy club.


Anonymous said...

I'm a first grade teacher, and in my classroom, we keep track of who's lost teeth on a year-long tooth chart.

Mentioning that to say that I've heard a LOT of children excitedly relate what the Tooth Fairy brought, and not one has ever received a gift card! LOL. I love it.

Colorado Springs Dentists said...

Tooth fairy club... sounds really very interesting! Natalie looks so sweet with that gap. Best of luck to her!

Helene said...

we do the gift cards so the lucky tooth loser can treat everyone to something special. This prevents epic meltdowns and makes it fun to share.

Natalie will be getting a recycled Discover bonus bucks card. Shhhhhhh, it has .57 left on it, and I have yet to redeem it. I will have to let her pay for the treat and then chip in myself.

That damn tooth fairy is cheap

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