Friday, September 30, 2011

My Miss Manners Soap Box

Ritzy Helene here, right on top of my soap box. I am disgusted by the lack of public decency and manners. Common courtesy is lost and no one is polite anymore. I am not being a snob, I am just sick of the rudeness.

Of course this post stems from the upcoming triplet-palooza birthday party. I sent e-vite invitations this year. I did it this way so responding would be simpler for the parents of the guests. Typically, I am an old fashioned hostess that mails a paper card stock invitation to such events. This time, I caved and went the on line route.

Regardless of the method of delivery, responding to an invitation is a given. The definition of RSVP is obvious- RSVP is an abbreviation often included in invitations to request that the invitee let the host know if he or she will be attending. From the French term, "Répondez si'l vous plaît," which means "please reply." I am considering changing the meaning to RUDE SUCKERS VILE PEOPLE in my mind.

If you are lucky enough to be included on the guest list to any event, it is your responsibility to let the host know if you can or can't be there. The request for a reply is not asking too much, or is it?

Here we are, just two days away from the birthday party and 12 parents have not acknowledged the invitation at all. I know they opened it, but they have not found the time to simply click a button that says yes or no. This is infuriating. I have to confirm our count at the party venue, pay for the total number of children attending, and I need to make the lunch and goodie bags for the children- all of which is contingent on how many will be there. As if I want to pay for shit that will go unused? No thanks.

I am teaching my children to be solid citizens. In doing so, it is my job to lead by example. Instead of ragging on the folks who did not reply, I took the high road and said nothing about it in front of my impressionable soon to be six year olds. I made enough lunch and treat bags for the possibility that we might get some additional party goers and left it at that.

Miss Manners be damned, I am on my soap box. Rude suckers, vile people I am telling you.

If I ever invite any of you to a party and the words RSVP appear on the invitation, you better respond dammit.


Kari said...

I'm up on that soap box with you! I know I've written about this more than once myself. We have 3 separate parties this year. All sleepovers. First one was last week - 2 boys we never heard from at all. I actually only heard from one of 5. The kids all said they were coming. I guess at age 10 maybe the parents think the kid can deliver the message? Only they gave the wrong message!

So yeah, always call! And hosts - please put the NAME(S) of the invitees on there - I am no longer going to ask when the kid tells me all 3 can come. Then I will get there with the one and you will say "where are the others? you should have brought them too!" LOL!

Melanie said...

Amen! We have a week until ours and I have heard from 5 of the 30 invited. Our school has a policy of all or nothing with invitations and since I know no one, I has to invite all the kindergarten kids and some overlap at their after school care, so that made a total of 30. I don't mind a kid or two not responding, but 25 is too much of a difference!

Anonymous said...

I agree! The worst is when they DON'T RSVP and show up anyhow! Double rude if I must say so! Oye!

Carolyn said...

I do agree with you that it is rude and I will say that I don't think I have ever forgotten to RSVP a paper invite but I think I accidentally forgot to RSVP twice before on evites. It is too easy to open up an email quickly while in line somewhere and close it thinking you will check your calendar when you get home and then completely forget about the party. A paper invite means you have opened it up and have something physical to remember that you need to respond.

I will say again that I completely agree that either way is rude but a paper invite cuts down on the none responses.

I rarely comment but wanted to also say I hope your new job is going well. :)

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