Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Mishaps and Mayhem

I was really upset this morning, and in hindsight, I am glad I have a new job to keep me busy, and out of trouble. This morning, Target and Missoni launched their limited edition pieces both on line and at stores. The old Helene would have been lined up at the door at the opening bell, but the new Helene was shuffling the van to have a window replaced, and getting dropped off at the office to start a busy day of WORKING.

Keep in mind, I am not new to the Missoni mayhem. I have been wearing and loving the Missoni brand for years. I have been fortunate enough to score pieces here, there and everywhere on sale. Filene's basement, Neimans Last Call, and even on a few couture websites have allowed me to wear the precious ORANGE LABEL at a fraction of the original retail price. Missoni is timeless, beautifully crafted in Italy, and most of all, it is an exclusive luxury brand.

Until now.

When Target announced the upcoming Missoni arrivals, I actually felt a pang of fear. What if the made for Target collection looked amazing- what if you can't tell the difference between the real, Made in Italy, $1400 cardigan, and the Made in China $39.99 version? Holy crap, what if I am sporting my beloved, paid way too much for it Missoni and someone mistakes it for the Target ones? Ughhhhh. Walk of shame? Shudder. Don't get me wrong, I shop at Target and other discount retailers, I just do not want to LOOK like I do. Capice?

Needless to say, I was interested to see, feel and scrutinize the Missoni for Target. I just did not realize that everyone else felt the same way. Call me clueless, but when Jeff dropped me off at work this morning, I actually believed I would be able to hit the Target store on my way home, see the Missoni, and judge for myself if it was worthy of a spot in my wardrobe rotation. This was one instince where viewing the images on line were not going to cut it. Fair enough, right?

During a lull in the madness that is my new job, I sat with my i-phone and went to Target.com to check out the colors, patterns and to pre-shop for later in the evening. I was bummed that I kept getting an error message- maybe it was an i-phone connection thing, or maybe the Target website was down? I did not think anything of it. Shit happens- oh well, back to work, I will stop by on my way home and I will get my hands on the Missoni to investigate more closely.


Apparently, everyone and their three best friends had already cleaned out the shelves and racks. When I arrived before 7:00 in the evening, there was not a scrap of chevron knitted clothing anywhere. At first, I thought I was in the wrong department. When I inquired at customer service they told me it had been sold out since before 8:00 a.m. I was speechless. You mean there is nothing left? Correct.

At that point, I took a few steps toward the red internet kiosk. I tried to go to the on line portal to see the styles. Again, an error WOOF message. Weird? It was at that precise second that it dawned on me. The Missoni mayhem crashed the Target server, and all the Made in China Missoni was gone. I missed it.

I am not the only one who wanted to score a few mix and match pieces of the brand. Was I really that naive? I actually thought the general population and Target customer would care less about some colorful woven knits. What has happened to me? I missed the boat. The old Helene would have never let this happened. I have gone soft.

Perhaps, I have become more of a fashion snob that I realize. There. I said it. I admit that I was wrong to assume the Missoni for Target would not be a phenomenon. Fail. Epic fail.

When I got home from dinner with my triplet mom friends, I logged onto Target.com and gained access to the Missoni selections. They were pretty impressive. I ordered a few of the available staples like tights, socks, and when I refreshed the browser I was able to put a sweater in my cart. I check out quickly because sometimes things disappear before you can complete the transaction.

The long and short of the Missoni mayhem is this- Target and I underestimated the general public. We should have known there would be Missoni Mayhem.

edited to add, there was a huge selection of the little girls sizes at the Easton location. However, if anyone in this house is going to be strutting around in Missoni, it will be me. I need the clothes for work. Natalie and Charlotte do not NEED Missoni for preschool and kindergarten. I added up the cost on even the little sizes, and Jeff would shit his pants if I spent $200 on two layered knit Fall outfits for them. I would be divorced and strutting around in Made in China Missoni.

edited again: Jeff just informed me that there over 6500 Missoni for Target items listed on e-bay. I guess I not only missed the boat, but I was ahead of my time. EPIC FAIL. The old Helene would have stalked the store before sunrise, would have spent $3K and would have turned it and burned it into $10k in a friggin week. FML.


Anonymous said...

None of this garbage was ever in a Missoni factory! IT all came from the TARGET MANUFACTURERS, with a license to use a tag that said Missoni for Target, it will have no vintage value, or collectability. People are really really ignorant when it comes to these discount store lines, Norma Kamali is in Walmart and its all on clearance!

Helene said...

No shit anon. I mentioned that up front, but I was still curious. As someone who owns vintage couture, I did not order these things because I am ignorant. I ordered them because they are affordable and fun. I did not really care if they were Made in China or Made in Italy because for forty bucks, I did not expect them to be the real deal.

I will let you know how they look next week when the UPS man makes my day.

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