Saturday, September 24, 2011

Library Lounge Lizards

I took the kids to the local library to leisurely look at books. These kids love to just hang out in the reading lounge. They have become library lounge lizards.

Each child, independently selected a different Eric Carle story. I noticed that all four of them specifically sought out the author on their own. They went to the "C" authors, saw the books available and picked one to read.
They were lolly gagging in the lounge just being lazy.

Charlotte got comfortable on the couch. She crossed her legs, sat like a true lounge lizard and read her book out loud. I offered to video tape her so Nana and Papa could see her reading. Charlotte agreed and then said, when we get home, you can put it on your blog and let them watch me. So, without further delay:

This girl is a natural born actress and ham. Don't you love the end, "Don't even think about it."

After we finished reading we stayed and enjoyed story time. As I was chatting with another New Albany Mommie, she said, "Turn around very quietly and look at your kids on the story rug." As I caught a glimpse of them from behind I saw the tender sibling moment for myself. I grabbed my i-phone and captured the image of sweetness. For some reason the four triplets were being especially loving and affectionate during the story.
Just when I thought they could not be nicer to each other, CJ rested his hand on Eli's shoulder. Who are these kids and how long will they be in my presence?

Based on the behavior exhibited at the library today, I was thinking it might be time to play the lottery or head to Las Vegas. I was feeling lucky- my library lounge lizards were lovely.

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