Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leopard Prints and Loyal Readers

After spending the week in the retail environment, I can report that the Fall trends this season include layering, bulky cardigan or poncho sweaters, cashmere and animal prints. Tall boots, suede and fur trimmed anything are really focal points. I have channeled my fashionista sense into getting dressed for work every single day.

When you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. So I donned my tall, black, pointy toe, stiletto heeled boots, added my vintage Dolce & Gabanna wool jersey, leopard print dress and went to work bright and early this morning. I left the house before 9 in full make-up and dressed to kill. I was fierce.

On the way to the store, I realized I needed to pick up two birthday gifts for the triplets to take to a party tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. There would be no time to shop for the boys after work, and not enough time to pick them up beforehand on a Sunday morning. This meant a quick pit stop at Target on my way to the office.

I used to think that I heard all kinds of hushed whispers and comments from the peanut gallery when I took the infant triplets with me. That was nothing compared to the remarks I got, while browsing through Target so early on a Saturday morning. I am sure people either assumed I was still out sporting my clothes from a way too late Friday night of partying, or perhaps, I was just overdressed for an early round of Saturday shopping at Target. Regardless, I was rocking it in my fashionista fall frocks.

Never one to explain myself without being asked, I just strolled through the aisles getting the crappy Made in China ZOOBLES. When I overheard a couple saying something about my leopard dress and boots, I had to chime in- there was no way I was going to be mocked. I sashayed over and said, "Doesn't everyone wear leopard print Dolce to Target on Saturday?" I laughed and explained that I was headed to work across the street at the mall. The lady was so funny about it, after I broke the ice, she wanted details on my boots. Prior to that, I was the freak in fancy clothes. We chit chatted about how Target is getting ready to launch a line of Missoni and from there, her husband excused himself to look at anything in the sporting goods department. He obviously had a shred of manhood left because he ditched us as soon as the word Missoni zig zag knits was spoken. Had he stayed another second, he would have become an instantaneous metrosexual.

Once I got to work, I blended in without a problem. Everyone is a designer clad diva inside the store. I even took this photo of a great ruffled, black cashmere sweater for a friend. Yes, I made sure she could see my boots and dress in the mirror, because I knew she would appreciate my fall trends. And she did.

The kids came into the store to see where I work. This helped them understand where I was, what I was doing, and why I was not home. They thought my store was fancy and it was all I could do to get them to use inside voices and contain their excitement. Here we arein my personal fitting room. I am the one in the leopard print dress.

After working all day, I went directly to a cocktail dinner party for a friend in Bexley. Still prancing around in my fabulous fall style, there were plenty of oooohs and ahhhhs about the leopard print and tall boots. If there is one way to announce your presence at a party, it is to show up dressed like a high priced, fashion minded call girl.

A few people I did not know, came up and said how much they enjoy reading my blog. This left my husband in complete awe. He used to be the one to have complete strangers come up to him and chat about his weekly column in the Columbus Dispatch. My my, how the tables have turned. Now, my little Mommie blog is gaining attention in our social circles. We laughed like all the way home making fun of ourselves. I told him if he dressed like an expensive whore, he might have people strike up a conversation with him too.

From Target to Tapas at a swanky dinner party, you can count on me to start dialogue and get the conversation going. I don't even need a syndicated column in the newspaper now that I have my little blog.

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Misti said...

Now if only you were coming to Vegas in the next few weeks - I need something to wear to my 20 year high school reunion!

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