Monday, September 26, 2011

Las Vegas Shopping for Sport and Support

Las Vegas and retail therapy go together. Of course, I had to find something to do besides gambling and spending copious amounts of quality time with my husband.

As if you had to twist my arm to do some serious shopping anywhere? But in Las Vegas there is so much to chose from, how could I not do some "research" on the latest styles and couture fashion. What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas unless it hangs in your closet.

Before I could meet up with Misti and Michele, I had to stock our hotel room with plenty of diet coke for Jeff. G-d forbid he even wiggle one of the 6 ounce glass bottles in the mini bar. It would KILL me to pay $3.50 for a measly short bottle of that crap. Instead, I drove over to the scary CVS by the Hard Rock, and bought him a few 2 liter bottles before I left him to his own devices at the hotel.

Since product placement is key to retail sales, I was chuckling to myself when I passed this display. In Las Vegas, the condoms are not housed in the family planning aisle of CVS, instead, they are right where they belong-in the liquor department. It seems fitting that in sin city you buy a box of wine and a box of rubbers in the same area of the store.

I could not wait to meet up with Misti and Michele at the Saks store inside Fashion Show Mall. I had to share my CVS product placement story with them because as locals, I felt they needed to see what I saw. I arrived at Saks at our scheduled time only to discover the store did not open for another 30 minutes. I scrambled to make arrangements for us to enter the store prior to the stated time, making Michele and Misti feel extra special.

When I accepted the job at Saks, I signed a confidentiality agreement. I vowed not to use social media to discuss my clients, our merchandise, the sales, and the general happenings associated with the department. Keeping true to my word, I won't go into all the juicy details of our Saks shopping, but I will say, we had a blast, not as a personal shopper and her clients, but as three friends, enjoying the experience.

While at doing additional "research" at Nordstrom, I paid homage to my dear friend Beverly Feldman. Her sexy shoes and boots were on display. This was excellent product placement by the way. If only they had my size, I would have snagged a pair - just to support my friend, of course. I am so caring and kind like that. The selfless things I do to support my friends.

After we left Fashion Show Mall, I forced Michele to replace her tired, sorry-assed, ill-fitting bra. Her "girls" needed more support and as a friend, I had to offer to help. I could not stand to see her missing out on the opportunity to look her best. Even at at PTA meeting, your boobies should be properly cradled in a bra that supports and enhances your bust line. Shopping for bras in Las Vegas was easy- there is a lingerie shop in every "strip" center, no pun intended. Misti and put just enough peer pressure on our pal to push her intoa push up, underwire, lightly lined undergarment. What are friends for?

I never worked out at the fitness center or gym inside the Palazzo. Instead, I got my cardio doing laps around the various shopping centers. While wearing a spanx tank top under my clothing for support, I cruised through the various boutiques. Chanel. Gucci. Dolce & Gabanna. La Perla. Four more, three more, two more, and breathe.

My strenuous exercise regimen continued the following day by myself. While my (triplet mom) partners in crime had carpools and school lunches to pack, I went to the outlet mall in Primm, Nevada for a mega work-out. Forget laps, I just raced around carrying 3 pound shopping bag weights from the Cole Haan clearance center. I determined that bags of shoes make ideal hand weights. Those Nike Air shoes are worth the ten cents on the dollar I paid, as you can imagine, when you are on your feet all day, having fun, supporting your friends and entertaining your clients while appearing to be a credible fashionista.

When it comes to shopping in Las Vegas, you will find my winnings, neatly displayed in my closet at home. Yes indeed, it was a weekend of shopping for sport and support. Viva Las Vegas my friends.


Michele S said...

My boobs look way better on the internet than they do in real life!!!

I can't wait for your next visit. It's always a blast!

Cate said...

Haha... that's brilliant. I was at the supermarket the other day, and popped into the wine aisle....and there hanging next to the Pinot Gris section, were condoms. I may have scared the man next to me, when I started cracking up.....
I guess marketing folks in New Zealand are thinking along the same lines as they are on your side of the world.

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