Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Hard Labor

I tried to explain the meaning of Labor day to the kids. As much as I tried to convey the message of honoring hard working people, they did not grasp the concept. Instead of talking my head off to no avail, I just put the kids to work and called it Labor Day.

They understood my version of Labor day just fine. Whistle while you work was playing in my head (do doot doot doot doot do) as I assigned tasks to the them on a school free Monday. Here are the photos of what Labor day looks like at our house when I have two boys and a girl peeling apples

for a gluten free, gala apple cinnamon cobbler. Yes, I am sure this is in violation with child labor laws- so sue me. You want to eat the cobbler? You peel apples dammit.

The same Mommie logic applies to chopping cooked chicken breasts. I roasted 20 pounds of chicken for all kinds of batch recipes and I needed to cut the white meat into bite sized pieces. This was the perfect job for my little engineer, who painstakingly made sure the chopping was done in a uniform manner with equal sized results.

CJ was really proud of his finished product, and he ate his fair share while he worked, so it was a total win-win for us.

I noticed the dog food bin was getting low. I needed someone to scoop the kibble from the 25 pound bag into the rubbermaid tub. This could have taken me about 11 seconds to do myself, if I had hoisted the open bag over the blue plastic bin and poured the food directly inside. Instead, I offered this important laborious task to CJ

who made sure every last speck of dog food was inside the bin. He scooped and scooped until the bag was empty, then he found stray shards of dry dog food pebbles on the floor and he added them to the mix. Quality child labor like this is hard to find. Hard labor, hard to do- hard laborers, hard to find.

Meanwhile, in case you are curious, Charlotte was not interested in any jobs I had to offer. Nothing! She simply refused every chore I offered. She did not want to work, at all. So when it was time to serve the toasty warm, cinammony apple cobbler, I made sure that those who helped got some first. After she was the last to get a slice, she said, "I am sorry I did not help you guys, next time I will watch you peel the apples so I can get a piece first." Sure, she missed the point a bit, but she got the gist of it, I guess?

Labor day is typically a day off, a day of rest from work and a time to honor those who have worked hard all year. Or in my house, it is a day off from school, where kids are bored, and need something constructive to keep them busy. Labor day with hard labor makes it all worthwhile.

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