Monday, September 12, 2011

Just Another Deductible

I should have known that 2011 would be the year of the deductible. It all started back on New Years Eve and at the time, I did not know it would be foreshadowing. So far this year, we have paid more than our fair share of co-pays, and deductibles.

Cest La Vie!

Last night, we left the van in the driveway, as it was pouring down rain. We had a cargo area full of groceries from Costco. I was barking orders at the kids and Jeff to do the least amount of work in the rain. My 5" patent leather platform slides were not good shoes to wear on slippery concrete, so I ditched them, along with my favorite purple Missoni*** silk scarf, and my Bottega bag,(G-d forbid they should see, yet alone be introduced to rainfall) and I shuffled the kids into the house.

Then, Jeff and I off loaded only the frozen stuff first, and left the rest of the non-perishables for later. I grabbed my clear plastic little purse tote from work (my wallet, keys, and other crucial stuff was inside) brought that into the kitchen, and left the rest for a drier time. Of course the electronics like my i-phone car charger and GPS were neatly tucked inside the van too- no sense getting them water logged or ruined.

We added yet another payment to an insurance company before 7 a.m. this morning.

Imagine the shock and horror when we discovered someone broke out the passenger window of my van and stole some belongings from inside the front seats. The swagger wagon Sienna was locked, so had the thieves opened one of the doors from inside, the alarm would have sounded. It was a smash and grab crime.

I came out wearing my typical early morning garb of Jeff's boxers and a sleep tee shirt, and this is what I saw.

Right in my driveway. Right smack dab in the middle of suburban bliss. As if.

We were the first family to report the problem to the police. There was a police report to fill out. Our officer listed all the items that were taken and headed off to another call in our neighborhood. Little did we know, 4 other families would call after us. Apparently, there was a smash and grab spree last night in the splendor that is New Albany and Gahanna.

My knight in shining armour cleaned up the broken glass.
He then drove the kids to school, minus a passenger front window. I love him for things like this. Shout out to being a rock star for Jeff.

Once again, it is only "stuff" and details. My prescriptions, make-up, GPS, chargers, corrective sunglasses and (GASP!)that Bottega bag, can be replaced. In the grand scheme of things, it is all replaceable. No one was hurt or injured-- and while it is a giant pain in the ass to deal with this kind of crap, it will be ok. It is nothing another deductible and my meds can't fix.

Just for the record, the window being broken out is covered under the auto policy. The contents are considered to be part of the homeowner's policy- so technically- you guessed it- two deductibles in one incident. Wooooo-Hoooooo.

Let's recap 2011 for those of you that are new here. On January first, we already had our first ER visit. There were too many doctor office co-pays to count during the winter months and into spring. In May, Charlotte and I were in the van when an uninsured driver slammed into us. After we got the van back from being repaired, a hauling truck lost part of its' load and a pipe cracked the windshield. Good times.

With my ever present sarcasm it is easy for me to look at all this insurance deductible drama and sigh. Ahhhhhhh, it is only money. Thankfully, after my refills on the stolen meds, I am fully medicated.

****Yes, I know that Target is getting ready to launch a cheap version of my beloved Missoni. I shudder. I am anxious to see what "Made in China" Missoni looks like actually, and I hope the stuff does not look too much like my existing pieces of real Orange Label. I do realize that when I showcase my "good" Missoni, everyone and their uncle is going to assume I got it for a song at Target. FML! But yeah, I will be in line tomorrow morning to see what I can score. Hypocrite? or fashion victim?-- you decide!

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